September 27, 2010

Key Lime Pie for Jumping Jelly Bean Designs

Ooooh I love this kit. It is called Key Lime Pie by Jumping Jelly Bean Designs You can make a lot of wonders with it especially with the papers. Included in one of my pages is my new grandson, Aiden Christian. Born last Sept.24,2010.  He was due on the 20th but I guess he feels so comfortable in her mom's womb so he did not want to go out.  My daughter was induced on the 24th and he was forced to go out. LOL.  He is our second grandchild. My hubby was so excited that he kept on texting and calling. He was laughing when I confirmed him that it was a boy.  Aiden is very mestizo and long legged.  He is such a really cutie.  Now I have a new model for my scrapbooking projects.  The second layout is a photo of Ellie, her Mom Sarah and her brother Jackson.  I am so happy that Nancy loves the layouts I do for Ellie.

One thing I love about doing layouts for JJB Designs is that I can do anything with the papers. It's really something I enjoy doing.Thanks for the freedom to do this. HiHiHi.

Here's the preview  and the layouts I made using this wonderful kit: 

  Go and check this out now. It is available and ready for download here:  KEY LIME PIE

September 26, 2010


Okay I will be giving you a free QP very soont. Hehehe.I just need to pack and make a sample photo for it.  I am still very busy updating everything. And this blinkie posting was quite complicated for me. hehehe. I am not a real fan of blinkies until now. hahaha Plus, my daughter's internet connection is too slow that I have to close other windows to make it a little faster. This slows me down!!

Thank you very much to Kimberly of Jumping Jelly Bean Designs for giving me the chance to be one of their CT member.  I am really very honored. JJBD got lots of beautiful kits in their store at Go check them out now.
  My first LOs were done using Spunk of Energy. I just love the colors of this new kit and you can do a lot of stuffs with the papers. I really enjoyed playing with them. And those bird elements are really so adorable. I am pretty sure that I will be using this kit again.I am not finished playing with the papers yet. LOL.Check out the preview: soooo fun and  suuuper cute!
And you can get it here: SPUNK OF ENERGY

And here are the sample layouts I made using this kit:

The first page is my daughter Edrica and her hubby Marc.  They had their recent Mediterranean Cruise on board  Royal Carribean's Freedom of the Seas.  Isn't that awesome! The second page is Ellie. I have always enjoyed looking at her photos in my SBF and FB friend Nancy Farnum's  albums that I really asked her permission if I can use her in some of my LOs.  Iya is becoming a cam hater.  I can't take good photos of her. Grrrr. Thank you Nancy for letting me use them. you are a BIG help! You will be see more of her lovely photos. Thanks again to Kimberly and her sister ( oh gosh I did not ask her name! sorry) for choosing me to be part of the team. Hugs to everbosy. God bless you all!

September 25, 2010

Quite BZ

Hi Everyone,! Got no freebie yet but I am working on it.  Gosh, I really don't know where to start.LOL. I am still with my daughter in Cebu. My daughter gave birth to a very cute and healthy baby boy yesterday! I will talk about it on my next post.  When I had no laptop yet I really got so bored.. missed scrapping so much  that I bought 5 scrapping books at a Booksale.  Well, they  were quite so tradtional and so simple but they gave me a lot of ideas. After reading them, and repeatedly look at some sample layouts, the more I missed scrapping. To kill my itch for scrapping, I decided to browse and sometimes comment on LOs in DST and DSA and accidentally  saw a CT call section in the forum.. When Deborah of SIS invited to me to become one of them, it really inspired and challenged  me to be better.  I decided to apply to some designers , I was unlucky to some but very lucky to some as well. So now , I am a CT Member of Jumping Jelly Bean Designs, Susan Godfrey Designs, Scrapbookizate, and Snipsnails and of course Scrap It Sassy. Honestly, I am still awaiting for some other replies. hehehe. SIS girls! Am I the most scrapaholic? LOL,

As mentioned earlier, thank you to my daughter and her hubby for helping me get a new laptop, I was scrapping earlier than I thought. I started taking pictures of my grand daughter Iya who is now a camera hater.  I really could not get a good pose from her . I had to resort to some of my friends like Nancy Farnum ( thank you so much for Ellie's photos) for pictures of their children and grandchildren for some kits that I have to work on. Like my pages for Scrapbookizate's Paris Page Kit. Her kit is available at
 Here are a couple of LOs I made using this romantic kit.
 This is Ellie. She's so adorable and pretty. Who would not like to scrape this little princess.

Well, that's the couple who sponsored my laptop. LOL My daughter Crissy and her husband Ian.  They have not been to Paris but there's no harm in dreaming.Hihi. I just brought Paris to them. .LOL. Gotta go I think my eyes want to sign off. Happy Scrapping everyone. To the designers who chose me, you won't regret it. HIHIHI Thank you very much.

September 23, 2010


I AM BACK! Well, to scrapping  but I am still with my daughter Crissy. Our baby does not want to come out yet. The doctor gave him an ultimatum . You better come out today sweetheart or else your doctor is coming in to get you out. LOL. My daughter will be induced by by tomorrow if he does not come out today.  Quite worried . Please pray with me that she will have a safe delivery.

I thought I had to wait for October so I can start scrapping again but thank you to my daughter Crissy and son-in-law Ian for sponsoring my new laptop.  They allowed me to use their credit card to purchase one.  My daughter really knows that  a new laptop is my number1 wishlist ( well, that's for material things).  I was so so thrilled .  I installed my photoshop and here I am! Goodness, I am an addict!

First thing I did was of course went to Scrap It Sassy and browse what kit I can work with.  There's so many beautiful kits in the shop .Better check it out: . This is one of the lovely kits available. It's called Sienna and Lime Kit by Nanny Bernie . Here is the preview and the link to it:
The DETAILS:  Sienna N Lime Kit by Nannie Bernie. Nice earthy tones combined with Lime colourings in this kit. includes 12 papers, 12x12 300 dpi, 1 QP, 7 frames, 39 elements in complimentary colourings. Zesty. Lots of options with this one. PU only.

Here are the samples I did with this fabulous kit : One is my latest photo with Little Iya
 HAPPY SCRAPPING! Will be back very soon! Hope fully with a freebie. hihi God bless you all!

September 9, 2010


I am leaving for Cebu tonight.and I am so excited to see my daughter and our little Iya but at the same time, I will be missing house, my computer ( special scrapping), and my hubby for almost a month. Hubby will just accompany me there but will come back home after 3 days.I was making a page for Iya and came up with this wordart.. Actually the original photo was taken inside the church and Iya was playing around the pews. I just love her expression. Edited it in PSPX2 and scrapped it in adobe cs3.  I find the layering in  PSP quite complicated for me but I love the effects it can create. So before I leave, here is something for you. Please read my TOU for these when you download.
Here is the preview and the page I made with it. :

BTW. I would like to give credit to  Granny's Art for some of the elements I used. I got the wood textures from the net a long time ago.There lots of free textures you can download.. Just play around with them . ENJOY! I show you our new grandson when I come back. HUGS from the Philippines!


September 8, 2010

Expecting a Grandson

Yes, we are expecting a grandson anytime this month.  Iya will soon have a competitor in my scrapbooks. LOL. We are all so excited . I guess who he would look like. Hahaha.  Me and hubby will be leaving for Cebu tomorrow night. Taking the boat as usual. I hate land trips.  I am thinking of buying a pen tablet. I know it will be very handy for my scrapbooking hobby.  So excited to make my own doodles with it.

Well, I will miss my computer and my editing programs.  Torture for me.  No photoshop for almost a month.  I don't  think my daughter's computer has  adobe. Huhuhu.  So it will  be purely facebook, games, and photo comments while waiting for the stork to arrive for me.  Well before I leave, here are my two adorable pages I made for Scrap It Sassy . It is called Summer Breath by Heaven Dreams . I truly enjoyed making some scenes with this adorable. It is actually available in tagger and full size . Here is the description of the Kit : Summer Breath is a beautiful kit in bright summer colors. 18 paper (800 x 800 px)  and 96 elementes, and an alpha with uppercase letters from A-Z, all 72 dpi.  The full size is 3600x3600 at 300 dpi
 Here is the image:
And here are the links: Full size:
Tagger size

And here are the sample pages I made with this must have kit.:
I will try to stop by my blog once in while. Perhaps just give some tips to my fellow scrappers. HAPPY SCRAPPING EVERYBODY. AND GOD BLESS US ALL!

September 5, 2010


Here's another beautiful kit by Nannie Bernie called Chocolate Blue Kit. It is available at Scrap It Sassy Store.  I am sure you will love it. Here is the preview: BTW it's on sale so check it out: here

 Here are a couple of layouts I made using this gorgeous kit:
 The wordarts are freebies from my previous post. I really made them for these lovely kit. Grab the kit now at SCRAP IT SASSY!  The link to the shop is   HAPPY SCRAPPING!!


I was making to pages for another wonderful kit  from Scrap it Sassy and thought of a wordart for them.  I am enjoying part of the CT Team  that I could not stop making pages. LOL. This wordarts will be just so perfect for the kits that I will be posting.
Here is the preview. Just look at my next post on how I used it. 
 The "YOU" in "The Best part of the day is you" is semi transparent.  So the color would depend on your background paper.  I would suggest a plain or not so printed paper for it.
just CLICK her to GRAB IT

Don't forget to look at my next post for the sample pages. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

September 3, 2010


OK Finished!! Ooooh how I enjoyed this. We have a challenge in Scrap It Sassy to make 2 layouts. I just got inspired so I made three layouts.  It's quite a big kit too. I tried to use everything in the kit. Here's a preview: k
And here is the detailed description of these beautiful kit from SCRAP IT SASSY  :(

Team Sassy's July 2010 Collaboration is filled with 60 elements (including 3 alphas) and 31 papers. This month's contributing designers are: Danish Design, Eirene Designs, JustCreations, KrazycallScrapability, Made By Justine, Nannie Bernie, Rowdy Cowgirl Designs, Stargazy Creations and Lavendel Creations.
Here are some of my layouts using this wonderful kit:


Here's a QP

I was looking at all my freebie file and discovered I was not able to finish this QP.  I wonder how long it has been there.  I was cleaning some of file because I am running out of space in my drives.  My son gave me a My Book terrabyte external drive but I am still so afraid to use it.  I will just wait for him when he comes home on November for their church wedding. I really need a storage file for my photos and freebies.  Anyway,  my back is still painful.  I should have finished all my layouts for Scrap It Sassy  but these successive power failure is giving me problems plus my son is home and when he is,  he is my biggest competitor to use the computer.  Anyway, I posted a couple of pages in  DSA and DSP and my Facebook already but I still have to finish another one.  So inspired so I decided to make 3 instead of just 2.

In the meantime.  Here is something for you .Of curse my model is my daughter Crissy who will be having her son anytime this month, her hubby Ian who just came home from Kentucky after 6 month of assigned work by his company and hope fully will not be sent back very soon( perhaps after his son comes out LOL) and my little cutie grand daughter Iya. Thank God they are a very happy family.
 Yours for FREE Click HERE
 HUGS from Philippines!

September 1, 2010


Sorry I was not able to  make a freebie.  I am really quite busy now doing some scrapbooks of my grandchildren.  I have to finish some  pages for Scrap It Sassy too ; Post them in some scrapbooking sites, etcetcetc. LOL.  The truth is I really have to finish all my obligations for the month of September.  I have to leave for Cebu City to be with my daughter Crissy (Iya's mommy) who is due to give birth on Sept. 20, make a down payment for my son's wedding cake coming this November,  buy cloth for my gown , do some grocery listing  and shopping before I leave. Gosh. I'm tired already.   I am leaving 10 days earlier her due date but I have to go back by first week of October..  I don't know if she has photoshop in her computer. Oh I hope she does.  I can't live without it. HAHAHAHA.

Well, I made some pages for Scrap It Sassy and this kit is called TEAM SASSY'S JUST MY SYLE (JULY 2010 COLLAB)  . This is available at SCRAP IT SASSY .  It is amazing! 8 designers contributed for this kit so you better check this out. Here is the preview of the kit: 

Here are a couple of pages I made using this wonderful kit.

You can do a lot lot more with this kit. Gotta go.  I will really try to make a freebie before I leave.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL.