June 28, 2010


It is already 11 pm and I just could not sleep. It must be the thunder and lightning. It is heavily raining at this moment . My son is not yet home. I should have told him to bring the multicab rather than his motorcycle.  I don't know if dad is coming home tonight.  It is the despedida party of his boss , the Mayor.  His daughter will be the mayor by June 30.  He just texted me and there is still an ongoing program.  Iya and her mom are sleeping so soundly already.  I got up again and decided to compile some of the elements I made and turn it into a mini kit. Uploaded it in 4shared and share it to me co digiscradepot  and scrapbookflair members. 

Iya and her mom are leaving on Wednesday.  Haaaaaay, we will miss her so much again.  I feels so bad because Iya already likes me ( well, she likes her grandpops more) She goes with me wherever I go now .Unlike the first week she arrived. She hugs and kisses me now.. (well,  that's when we are watching the end of Barney shows) Do you know the song "I love you, you love me... haha. I will miss her sooooo much!

Well, here is my freebie. If you happen to make a page using my elements and kits, please send it to dodiegonzales@yahoo.com . I really would love to see them .Please send a little love too. I have a chat widget in here. Just 2 simple words for inspiration. Thank you to those who gave their time.Hugs to all of you.
Get the KIT HERE
Get the Quuick Page HERE
 BTW, the Quick Page is exactly the sample page my grand daughter Iya. God bless you all!