June 23, 2008


I am too busy right now that I really had no time to make some freebies. I promise that after my daughter's wedding on July 5, i will be posting some soon. My mind is too much focus on the preparations plus i got sooooo busy editing my daughter's( and her husband to be) pictures and making a slideshow presentation for them. Gosh! After I finished and watched the presentation, my tears started pouring. Oh dear! we are giving away another baby girl. HUHUHU! Anyway, I will be back soon. I will be leaving for Manila cuz my husband will be having a 3 day seminarand I will be taking advantage of the trip to visit my family. I have not seen most of them for the past 5 (almost 6) years.

I placed a photo of the wedding on my nephew which we recently attended in Bacolod City last June 8. I proxied one of the sponsors so my husband ended up with me again. HAHAHA. I am the preetiest of them all (inspite simply wearing a dress and not a gown) HAHAHA! God Bless you all and watch out for some freebies when I get back. MWAH!