April 20, 2008

Another Simple Freebie!

April 20,2008

It's a very hot day today . I just finished re-planting my orchids this morning and I think I lost a lot of calories from sweating out. hahaha! I guess that will compensate for skipping my hip hop abs exercise today. I started doing it last Wednesday i guess and I tell you my whole body aches right now but i am starting to get use to it. Hahaha.

My freebie only includes the paper, chain frame and the heart embellishment. The flower is from Dnadryad ( one of my favorite designers of digiscrapdepot) Thank you. I hope you like it. Somebody sent me an email of zodiac gems. I am starting to cut them and perhaps have them as a freebie soon.

For the paper:

For the the chain and heart:

I am sorry about the dates because honestly i don't know how to edit it. The dates automatically comes out a day behind.

Good day to everyone!