February 18, 2009

Thank You.

Thanks to all of you who had the time to visit and comment on my blog. It a really inspires me to post more. hahaha. Anyway, for Chingjp( who has lots of fantastic freebies in her blog too) my kababayan, Philippines is still the same I guess before you left the country. I don't live in Manila though i am from there. I can't stand the traffic , heat and pollution. I prefer where I am now , in Dumaguete City. It is in Negros Oriental in the Visayas.They say it is the City of gentle People. Hmmm, I guess so. City of Schools too. Silliman University is here, where my son is studying. A couple of weeks ago, we were hit by strong rains which caused severe flooding in some areas. 5 people died when their houses were swept out by the flood. Luckily our place is high so we were not affected. The rains only destroyed some of my euphorbia collection. Huhuh. 3 were very expensive. Politically, I guess it is still the same if you know what I mean. Hahaha.

Gotta go for a while. Have to pick up my hubby in downtown. Lotsa hugs to all of you. God bless you all.