February 25, 2009

Thank you Chingjp!

WOW! I have an award. Thanks for my friend Chingjp or http://www.chingjp.blogspot.com/. . You are such a sweetheart. This is my first blog award and i am so happy I have friends who take time to give awards. God Bless you Ching. The following blog owners deserves this award too:

Please pass these awards to other deserving blogs and friends of yours.


This is the first time i'll be joining a blog train sponsored by http://listen2missy.blogspot.com/ . aka Tulip-design of SBF. I really enjoyed doing this but I hope you will like them. Honestly, I am not that satisfied . Hehehe. Especially when I saw the other design. Hope they will be useful in your scrapbooks too. If you grab them, please dn't forgot to say hello and perhaps thanks? Hahaha in my blog. Your beautiful comments will be very appreciated. Actually I made this for my grand daughter Iya who will be going back to Cebu (huhuhu) on March 8and join her father who is working there. I am sure Iwill be crying soon . Hahaha.

EspeciaL thanks to Tulip Designs for inviting me to join this Spring Blog Train. I really had a great time. This made me discover how I can instantly make a glass effect using The Alien Skin Candy plugin.the children and some flowers are some cliparts that I have and made them in png file. The Overlays are not in the photo but i will make a layout out of them soon. Iknow my table and stools are not perfect but i find them cute so I decided to include them in the kit. i made the frames using some layer style effects I recently downloaded for adobe photoshop. Well, i guess i've been talking to much, hihihi. These are the links for my Spring Blog Train. Hope you like them. God bless you all!
For the Flowers:
For the Papers & Overlays