April 3, 2010


This will be a little bit short. Iya will be waking up in a minute. Oh girl, I hope I lost a few ppounds watching over her. She's so hyper!! We just have lunch at Jo's Chicken inato in Sibulan. It along the beach so Iya had the chance to walk on the side. She got afraid of the waves so we did not stay long. She had fun riding on the animal statues though. It was hot so after lunch we proceeded to Robinson's mall and had some cool fruit slushes. Oh dear you should see Iya dance everytime she passes the area with loud speakers playing some dance music .Then home we go, After a few minutes Iya's slept. I know she will be waking up soon.

Tomorrow's Easter here in the Philippines. Happy Easter Everybody. May God bless us all. I have another free QP for you. It is not themed Easter but I know you will love it. Got this adobe plugin that creases paper so i want to share with what I did after playing with it. LOL. Have fun Scrappers! Hugs to you all.
Here is the link:
Get it HERE