October 29, 2010


Designs in Digital's SANTA'S DIGI EXPRESS IS BACK!.The Grab Bag, Kit, Smorgusborg of awesome materials arrive in the shop November 1st.  Tammy created a double challenge to win the kit to be used for the SDE Challenge. Here's what you should do:

Come over the DID fan page at Facebook, become a fan, get friends to join and post a comment.. If we reach 500 fans by November 1st, 3 commenters on the Facebook site will win the SDE kit for free..
Come on over to DID, tell us you are going to join us in the fun, and on November 1st  she will randomly pick 2 commenters to win the SDE kit!!

Remember you need the kit to to play along and win more awesome prizes and coupons, so this would make your chances a heck of a lot easier!!

I wish to join the SDE but unfortunately I don't have a a credit card( i'm allergic to credit cards!hahahaha) and a paypal account. So I guess I'll just take my chances and just hope to win. HIHIHI. GRAB YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT TOO!!Can I just be a judge? HAHAHA.
Well, let's showcase my layouts . Hihihi .I have been a member of the  CT for Designs in Digital for a month already and I really had so much fun working on some kits. The challenges were awesome as well. I wish I could join all of them. hihi  I have featured the first kit I did for Lali Creations already in my previous posts.  I want to share with you the other 2 wonderful kits I made layouts with.

I had no kit to work with after Lovely Day by Lali Creations so I asked Tammy to work on the September Collaboration Kit "Indian Summer".  It's a beautiful collab kit by the DID Designers.  I was so happy Tammy ( our CT head) allowed me to work on some layouts with it. CLICK HERE to see more details of this big and wonderful kit. Here are the preview and the layouts I made
I also joined the The DID Wordart Challenge and used the same kit. the flower is not included in the kit though. Here it is:
 And this one is   for the October Card Challenge using the same kit
And with the same kit I joined the Template Challenge. Tammy's template can be found HERE. I really enjoyed this.  I rarely work of templates.  Thanks Tammy.  See how big this kit is? The possibilities are really endless

By the way, I also joined the Scraplift Challenge featuring my new grandson Aiden  Christian and used  the Lovely Day although I just changed the colors to make it fit for a baby boy .  I was the next choice for the DID LOTW. Thank you Crystal of Sugar Moon Designs for choosing my layout. Here it goes:
 We were required to make layouts for the every month's collab kit and I was so happy to work with the October Collab Kit Fall Harvest. I  love the colors. Autumn colors and earth colors have always been my fav. CLICK HERE  to view the details of this lovely collab kit by the DID Designers. Here are the preview and layout sample I did
Ooooh  I really enjoyed this kit. I love this collab so I had to make a page of me  using the same kit for the Photography Challenge/. I seldom do this . Most of the time I am behind the cam. Hahahaha. I had to set the cam timer to get a shot of me. Hihihi
Well, I was done with my requirements for DID but once an addict is always an addict.  I am a scrapaholic. HAHAHA. I requested to work on the October Designing Duo" Ghosts, Doblins and Witches" by Shelly Marie and Tink's Trinkets. CLICK HERE to know more why I ask to work with it.  How can you not want to work on that beautiful kit? Preview and layouts are:
 My next layout was again a runner-up for the LOTW. YEHEY. I hope next time I will make it to be the first choice.HAHAHA Joke.2nd,3rd  or last does not matter. My work was appreciated and that's enough for me.  Thanks to Carribean Mom!! I love this layout of Danica too.
I joined to challenges using  the  October Designing Duo. Here they are : For the Color Challenge:
And a very cute page of my grand daughter Iya. I did for the October Desktop Challenge
Isn't she soooooo adorable?  I really miss her so much.
Well, I guess this is my longest post ever. HAHHAHA.
Thank you so much to DID for making me a part of the team.  I really enjoyed the month of October with you. . ....Look at my siggy. that's from the Oct. Designing Duo too. Hihihi..
God bless everyone


October 28, 2010


I just could not believe what I read when I opened a thread in  our Caged Bird Design forum.    Chelsea Doudy is asking for help. She's the owner of Caged Bird Designs. Her husband was diagnosed with skin cancer and has to have surgery in the next 2 months. I would like to spread this message to all scrappers and designers that one of us needs you . Please CLICK HERE to know more of her husband's condition and perhaps help in any way you could. I am dedicating this freebie to Chelsea. I hope by this, I will be able to spread her plea for help . Please include her and her husband in your prayers .
This is my Freebie For Chelsea. Please CLICK HERE to get it.
 I really hope that I have touched some hearts  by doing this.  May God always be with you Chelsea . Be strong and never let go of HIS hand.

October 26, 2010


This one's very short. I just want to flaunt the blinkie I got from Faithsisters. LOL.I made it to their  Made Ya look Monday at  Faithsisters!!Could not believe it.The blinkie is so cute. Thank you so much.
Check this out to see the other layouts selected Made Ya Look Monday last Oct. 18
I also want to thank Susan Godfrey for her kit Thanksgiving Harvest which I used for this layout.
Thank you so much for appreciating my works. More power to you and God bless you.

October 25, 2010

CT Contest at Coolscrapsdigital

This is my very first time to join a CT Contest.  Honestly, I don't know this goes but it looks so challenging. On our first week,  Karen of Kakleidesigns gave us a kit to work on. There were rules to follow and I was very careful with it.  Too careful that I focus more on the rules. Hahaha.  I could have done better with my pages but the designer's comments are enough for me.  I was not one of Karen's choices in the end but it's okay . Giving me the chance to work on one of her designs is already a prize for me. Besides it was a tough competion. Most of them are professional scrappers. LOL.  They are all really good. Here is the kit we worked on Round 1. It is called Do You Remember by Kakleidesigns
Gorgeous huh! Here are the layouts I made with this  beautiful kit.

 WHo else could be my perfect models but my daughters, Edrica and Crissy and only grand daughter Iya. It was really fun. I was nervous at first because I don't have any idea of what I am getting into but  later on  realize that it was more of having fun and doing what you love to do. The good news is,  I AM ONE OF THE WINNERS!! I got in to the next round. YEHEY!!  Thank you Karen for your beautiful kit. I hope to work with another one someday. I am sure the next round will be tougher. Wishing the best of luck to all of us. LOL Hope I still get in to Round 3 though. Actually we started Round 2 already.  It's a beautiful kit from Pasko Creations.  I still have to ask Addie's permission if I can blog about it even if the round has not yet ended. If you want to see the other pages of other layout artists visit : 
Good Night everyone.

October 23, 2010

CBD continues with my FREEBIE!

Ok Breakfast is finished.  I am supposed to be cleaning right now but I promised I'd be back . I have been having high blood pressures lately.  I really don't know why .  Sleeping late so I could wake up late but unfortunately I still sometime wake up at 3 am and I can't go back to sleep anymore.  Is this " my babies are coming home jitters"? LOL.  My son from Dubai, Edrie and hubby from Maryland and Crissy , hubby and our little grandchildren are coming win 3 weeks times.  Excitement? I think so.  I have been seriously scrapping for the past days. I am super superduperly enjoying it..
Okay I'll give you my freebie a little later. Read a little more of Caged Bird Designs for me. Here are the other 2 kits I worked on from CBD> Both are so awesome. Bountiful Meadow is one of my fav kit i've worked on because it has my 2 favorite colors. I have always love autumn colors especially in a softer way.Bountiful Meadow is kit full of fall splendor, with the beautifully textured papers . I am featuring our new little cute and adorable grandson Aiden with this kit.  He is such a blessing. I can see the joy in their parents eyes when they hold him. I did not mind the  pain in my arms when I had to carry him for a longest time because he's probably colic . Cuddling him and seeing him fast asleep in my arms is pure delight. Oh ... here's the kit. LOL
The second layout is Kendra's adorable sons.  Thanks Kendra for helping me secure photos that will fit the kits I will be working on. Caleb and Brayden's photos are just tooo perfect. You will see more of them soon.
Oh I think I should have shown this first but anyway, here's another kit that I also had fun with. It is called Autumn Daydreams.  Autumn Daydreams is a collaboration between caged bird designs, Girlboheme Studios, and Dora's LemonLove Creations. You'll love the colors and elegance of this kit. Here's the preview:
 Woooo! This kit features my 2 beautfiul grand childen.  Brother and sister Aiden and Iya! ya does not like to smile at me when I am holding the cam  I don't know if I took  these photos.  I think her mom did.  Both layouts showed the beautiful colors of Autumn Daydreams.  Both kits are on SALE!!! 20% off the price.
Here are the links where you can get these fantastic fall , autumn, and Thanksgiving kit.   
                                    AUTUMN DAYDREAMS
I am so happy I am with Caged Bird Designs.  Thank you Chelsea for taking me in your Creative Team. I am looking forward to working on more of your awesome kits.
Power failure cause the delay. I am so sorry. Our electricity has been on and off since this morning. Grrrrrr. Anyway, here is my freebie,  I have no name for it yet.  I was actually planning to make a big kit but it will definitely take a long time for me to finish it, Here's the link to my new freebie GET IT HERE FREEBIE

I love how this turned out.  I will post a sample layout next time and probably add some more. It includes 4 flowers and 2 sets of leaves and 2 papers.  Hope you like them .Happy Scrapping. I really need to rest a bit. My medicines for high blood pressure is really making me so sleepy. Have a great day everyone,  It's night time here so to some, Good Night.God bless you all

Caged Bird Designs

OH MY GOSH! I thought i blogged about Caged Bird Designs.   I was accepted as a CT member during the time I was in Cebu . That was the time when Crissy was about to give birth. Thank you to Chelsea our Top Bird for giving me the chance to be part of their team.  Although blogging about Caged Bird Designs is not required, I still would like to share with you the 4  beautiful kits I have worked on ever since I started last month.  Did 4 kits in a month?WOW I did 4!!!. HAHAHAHAHA. I can't remember which one I did first but anyway,  Here are the Previews, Links, sample layouts of every Kit I made with Caged Bird Designs.
First is I Know Why . CBD describes I Know Why as  a light, simple, serene kit that will help you scrap any layout. From the soft music notes to the little birds this kit can be enjoyed again, again. and she's right. I love this kit. so soft and simple.

My second layout is Delaney. She's Terri Lewis's grand daughter.  I met Terri in SBF ,saw each other again in Facebook . If  we were neighbors we might become the best of friends.  Because we enjoy our grand daughters so much.  We share our feelings about them, even their new tricks. Thanks for the friendship Terri. I hope everything turns out positive  for you.  You know what I mean. Hehehe.ooo I love that page with my Iyapotpot ( That's what I call her sometimes) She was helping us take out some weeds on their lawn. See how soft this kit is.  Find out more details and get the kit here: I KNOW WHY.
The next is Pretty Girly. The Title says it all. So so pretty and girly. :Here's the preview. I definitely have to feature pretty Ellie in this kit of course my pretty Iya too. LOL
See what I mean? Check out this kit and get it  for you pretty girlies! Get the kit here PRETTY GIRLY
 Oops hubby awake! Gotta have breakfast first.   BTW  both kits have 20% discounts so get it now! BRB for the 2 kits. We'll see if I can fix you a little freebie. LOL. God bless and thank you for theis beautiful day.


October 18, 2010


Well, I just had a hot cup of coffee and some biscuits. I hope my laptop won't overheat. It has been on since  12pm. Hahaha. So that's roughly more than 4 hours. I guess I have to be thankful for the cold rainy weather.
As I have said I accepted another CT assignment from  another Ginger Scraps designer Suzie Lopez of Psychozoe Designs.  Check our her blog for some freebies too. She one funny lady.  We have something very much in common. We are both scrapping addicts. Hahahaha. And we both have our butts imprinted in our chairs due to scrapping and I guess photoshop.LOL. Suzie just released a super wonderful kit called Into the Pineywoods . I truly enjoyed making a scene out of it. It has lots of elements and beautiful papers to work with.  Thank you Suzie for making me part of the team.  BTW my co-members are awesome. You should check Suzie's blog to check the layouts we made for this awesome kit. Here are the preview and my layouts for Into the Pineywoods:

 Isn't awesome? I really enjoyed this kit. That's my loveydovey in my first layout. Do you see Iya? She's actually going to go down from a chair to avoid the camera. hahaha. Get this perfect kit here: INTO THE PINEYWOODS
And here is my FREEBIE!.  I was inspired by clusters so I made one.  The kit has i think about 4 separate flowers too.  If you want to colorize it just use the saturation filter of adobe. If your are using adobe photoshop, the shortcut key to that is Ctrl + U and start playing with it. Oh dear, I wish I have more time to change my blog design. I don't use digiaddict anymore.  I prefer my dodiegonzales scrapper name.  I need to make a siggy and a new label for my freebies. Well, ill find the time soon, Here is the preview of my freebie GLOSSY FLOWERS
Oooooh I love it,, HAHAHAHAAHA. Enjoy it but please please please. Credit me when you use and post it anywhere. This is only for Private Use please.  GET IT HERE GLOSSY FLOWERS
Have a great day. Thank you Lord for a very inspiring day for me. Hugs to all!



Oh dear I really need more time to update my blog.  I am sorry for being late. I quite busy with other personal things aside from my CT responsibilities which is actually my relaxation. LOL.  I need to clean and I mean CLEAN the house.  My children and their husbands plus our 2 precious children with be coming next month.  My son Edric James and wife Marvie will have their church wedding on November 27.  Well, I made arrangements already.  Paid the down payments and most importantly, I delivered the  cloth to Jill's  for my gown already.HAHAHA.  Now I just need to fix the house.  Oh I need another room but anyway, John said he will just sleep in the living room. My grand children will definitely sleep with us. Hehehe.
Well, I had to be honest, I have been enjoying scrapping more than ever.  I have added more CT assignments.  I just could not resist it. How could you turn down good designers? Aside  from Jumping Jelly Bean Designs,  I am doing some layout for 2 more wonderful and super friendly Ginger Scraps designers and they are Jen Jordan (hope I am right with her real name)  of Pixels and Jen and Susie Lopez of Psychozoe Designs. Both are so so friendly.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be one of  your CT Member.  Your designs are awesome.
I already did 2 kits for Pixels by Jen.   I am really so sorry for not blogging about it earlier. The first one is called LIL NUTTY . This is really cute. I was browsing my photos for  a perfect picture for the wordarts and so lucky I have Caleb and Ellie as my models,. hahahaha. here's the preview and my pages of this lovable kit:

I just love the colors. So perfect for your fall photos and funny ones too. Go and get this kit here: LIL NUTTY BY PIXELS BY JEN
The next kit I did for Jen is a kit that I don't have to describe(LOL) because this kit's name is BEAUTIFULLY. The name itself says it all.  Truly a very beautiful kit. I wished Iya did not become a cam hater but however her picture turns out she will be always be in my pages. Hahaha. Here are the preview and my layouts for this gorgeous kit:

I also love the colors of this kit. The first photo is Danica, Edrica's god daughter and her daddy.  I am very thankful to Charo that she allowed me to use some of her photos for my scrapping projects. BTW the blue paper background and the diagonal lined paper,and the polka dot flower were cut using the adobe custom shape tool from their original 12x12in papers. And there's Iya, the cam hater.  She really did not want to look at me.  Instead, she turned to her side and started thumbsucking. Grrrr. LOL. Thank you Jen  for this "beautifully" done kit.  Get  it here: BEAUTIFULLY .  HAPPY SCRAPPING EVERYONE.I will blog about Susie Lopez of Psychozoe Designs when I come back,  I need to eat.  It's raining out here because of a super typhoon affecting the northern area of Luzon . You better come back too because I have a FREEBIE!!LOL

October 13, 2010

Santa and Friends by Susan Godfrey

It's Christmas Time once more and to start the "ber" season ( as we say in the Phiippines)  here's another lovable kit from Susan Godfrey!  It's called Santa and Friends. This kit is full of Christmas cheer with Santa, reindeers and a variety of other Christmas cuties!  A lot of Ho-Ho-Ho for your Christmas pages!  It's now available at Susan Godfrey Designs . It's on sale so hurry . That's not it. if you visit Susan's Blog you will be able to get the cute add on freebie that will match the kit.. Here's some images of the kit , the freebie and some layouts of my fellow creative team members.
 And this is the free add-on. So cute!

My page is on the ad again. Hihihi.and that's the red page with my daughter Edrica and her grand daughter Danica.Here are bigger sizes of layouts I made with this super adorable kit. I honestly love what I did. LOL

Don't forget to check on her blog to get the Freebie! Happy Scrapping!!