May 25, 2009

My See-Tru Kit

It's a super hot day today! Though I have errands to do, I had to postpone for a while because of the heat and the traffic. I don't understand what is happening in Dumaguete City. So many rather too many roads are under repair. I don't understand why they have to destroy roads that do not need repair anyway. I wonder what will happen when the classes starts by June. OOOHHH NOOO! Elections? No comment. LOL.
I was not feeling well this morning but thanks for a cold bath I am feeling much better( that's wrong grammar! Hahaha) Anyway, since I have two maids right now, I am feeling senyorita. LOL. I have been playing around with adobe since this morning and decided to finish my new kit. I will be sending the my other maid to my daughter Crissy soon so I might as well take advantage of having 2 in the meantime. LOL

I also have been reading some adobe tutorials and discover a fantastic free adobe action called Photo Box. Check this out:

I just did some reshaping with some of them. You will enjoy it as much as I did because it is free! LOL

It was Jimboy's( my eldest son) birthday last Saturday. Unfortunately, he is in Dubai. Huhuhu. Missing you Jimbabyboy! We were so happy though when he called. Nevertheless, we stilll celebrated with ICE CREAM and we played mahjong (a chinese game) with some relatives. The game continued the next day because it was Tita Dutchie's bday ( celebrated in advance) . So that means MORE EATING! LOL

Well, without further adieu here is the link to my new freebie. Enjoy it cuz it's free but I hope you will find time to leave some love. That's not too much to ask, right?