May 2, 2010


My son is arriving anytime soon so I will be off to the airport in 35 minutes.I am really so excited to see him. It;s been more than a month, although he has been in Manila for i think 4 months. We visited him last February during his birthday. Oh I don't know if I mentioned that but I spent a 3 week vacation in Manila that month. Well, I don't know what his plans are but we wish we the very best of luck . I hope he is thinking of going back to school though I doubt it.  Anyway, we love him very much and whatever it is in his mind, we just hope it is for his betterment. 
Well, before I leave I have 2 wordarts for you. I was doing some pages for Iya and made my own wordarts so I decided to share them to you. OH i don't know if Iya's father will like me posting her cute nude photos but i really find so adorable. So, to Ian ( my son-in-law) sorry but I can't help but post it.  Don't worry  I did not post this is Facebook. Hahahaha. About the other photo, Iya loves dogs and she has been trying to catch Scooby but he is just so annoyed of her. LOL. I could not find a wordart for it so I just made one.
Enjoy scrapping fellow scrappers. Please leave a little love when you download these.  I really spen too much time doing the Summer Wordart. Phew! HUGS to EVERYBODY!!!
Let us Play wordart here

Summer wordart here