August 31, 2010


Gosh! I wish these back pains stop . I hope it is not because of addiction to scrapping. Hahaha.  I have to use a couple of pillows to support my back.  Honestly, I don't complain the pain to my husband.  He might make me stop my hobby. I am sure not totally but  he might. LOL.

Here are a couple of pages I made for this  cute Kit called Miss Foxy's April Showers.  It is so perfect for my grand daughters Iya and Aby.  Actually I was not able to use all the elements .  Check out this link: and this is the preview of the product. It is really adorable.

I really enjoyed making some scenes for my grand daughters using this cute and adorable  kit. Check out the shop Scrap It Sassy for more products.
Gotta go back to work.  I am playing around with my adobe photoshop right now so I might be able to produce another freebie. Hahaha. I really hope thses pains  STOPS!!

August 30, 2010


OK. I stopped playing Facebook games for a while. I don't know what's happening to my Frontierville but my Farmville is OK so is my Cafe World. HAHAHA. I had to finish some unscrapped photos so my back is really aching right now. It was all worth it anyway.  I really had fun . Goodness, I am running out of Iya's photos.  I don't have much good ones.
Well,  I gave myself some time to give you something.  Inspired by using a template in our recent challenge in Scrap It Sassy, I was thinking why shouldn't I make something too.  This is my first time to make a template.  I don't even know if I did it right. LOL. I hope you'll find time to play with it.  If you did, please send it to Ok, here it is:

          JUST GRAB IT:

August 29, 2010

Still of Diamonds R 4 Ever

I have here more samples of  the kit DIAMONDS R 4EVER BY NANNIE BERNIE.  The description of it is really true. The possibilities are endless. LOL .I really enjoyed using it.  Again this gorgeous kit is at SCRAP IT SASSY

 The first photo is my entry to Scrap It Sassy's  August  contest. I hope I was not late in posting it but I would not mind. I enjoy sharing my works That's our little darling Iya Marie. My so far only grand daughter. Hahaha. I am showcasing her popular funny faces. hahaha  .  The second photo is Danica. She's Edrica's god daughter and she loves her very much. The third photo is my niece Krissel. I think that was taken last January during her debut.   I promised to edit her debut pictures but I really could not find time to edit all of them.  I still have unscrapped photos of Iya . 

Hope I finish a freebie by today. HAHAHA. WILL BE BACK!

August 27, 2010

My First Layout for Scrap it Sassy

Thank you again Deborah for inviting me to be one of your CT at Scrap It Sassy,  The kits are all fabulous. 
This is my very first layout for Scrap It Sassy.  I hope you like it .  This is called Diamonds R 4 Ever designed by Nannie Bernie.   If you want your layout to sparkle, this is a perfect kit.  Here's the preview of the kit:
Here is the description of this beautiful kit:
Diamonds R 4 Ever kit Lots of jewels here, a good range of papers 12x12 300dpi, 14 in total, with wide selection of frames and elements to give you lots of pages. Endless possibilities. Kit includes 14 lovely papers, 69 elements, 13 frames, 6 overlays, 2 QPs and an Alpha. PU. You will surely like this kit  


Here is a sample layout I made using this kit:

IT is really so perfect for Edrica and Marc's  4th year wedding anniversary photos. Just perfect for our precious daughter.   Gee, I am so sleepy already.  I guess because I  stayed up late last night. Oh I hope I did justice to this beautiful kit.  Gotta go! Goodnight Philippines and Good morning to the other side of world. Will be back very soon for my second layout using this kit.  Good night for now. Hugs to Everybody


Finding some time to scrap and make freebies has been very difficult for me but Scrapitsassy (   gave me a good reason to have some time for it.  I was just invited by Deborah Sparks( to be one of Scrapitsassy's Creative Team.  This is actually my very first time to be one and honestly I am excited and a bit nervous too.  I hope the designers will be happy with all the layouts I will be doing for them.. I will be posting a couple very soon. .  Thank you again especially in welcoming me to your team.  I am sure I will really have a great time. Hugs and I will be back very soon! Hopefully come up with a little freebie to.LOL. God bless you all!