June 5, 2008


I was able to get some free brushes in deviantart.com called "cs2 facemaker"and I was able to make these faces. So cute and I hope they will be useful in your digiscraps. Thanks for all those who left some nice word of thanks for my disney freebies. It is just unfortunate that I can't post them anymore. I was so stupid not to read the by laws of digiscrapdepot. Anyway, doing your own designs are a lot more fun . Thanks for downloading some of my freebies. I am not a business woman, I don't sell any of my embellishments ( I only sell euphorbia plants to friends . hahaha). I am just enjoying all the tutorials I learned from free photoshop tutorials ; use them and share them to all of you. Thanks again to those who leave very nice word of thanks after downloading them.

Download the extra freebie here:

My Buttons

I am having a terrible cold and slight fever. Oh dear, I had to get well before we leave for Bacolod on Saturday. It is going to be at least a 5 hour drive.

I hope Iam not copying anything now with my buttons. hahaha. Well, i guess I have to keep my disneys for myself. Anyway, I hope you like these buttons. I was playing with some adobe plugins and came out with these lovely buttons. There is really so much things you can do with adobe especially if you install some plugins and some free layer styles : FUNTASTIC!

You get get the buttons here:

Too Bad

For some reasons on copyright issues which i learned from Digiscrapdepot , I am sorry I can't post my disney freebies anymore. Thanks for understanding. Happy scrapping still!