November 5, 2008

Happy Post Halloween

Unlike in some countries, I never celebrated Halloween with such fun. The only thing I remember is during my childhood we simply go to the cemetery to visit our relatives who passed away. The only fun thing is we wait for candles to melt and form balls with it. I guess the fun thing I just did during the Halloween is view all the Halloween pages of my friends in Scrapbookflair. Gosh, they really take time to get costumes and go trick or treating. Well , I think we have that fun in Manila now. We stayed in the house the whole day of Nov.1 . I did some general cleaning so I got so tired to go out. The next day. i gathered some orchids from my garden and arranged them for my twins who did not make it(I think 23 years ago) . We also visited my mother and father in laws at their grave sites. We did a lot of eating too. My sister in law prepared one of my favorite merienda treat "dinuldog' in visayas but ginataan in tagalog. It's a mixture of bananas, jackfruit, sweet potato, then cooked with sticky rice and coconut milk. I assure you, this is YUMMY!
I made a little freebie. I wanted to join a challenge cxalled Scrap my Brother in Scrapbookflair in which I was invited but I coualdnot find it so I will just post it here. He is the reason why I cam up with these freebies. LOL. I enjoyed making the boxes and decided to share them with you. I don't know what's wrong with my 4 shared but it is taking to much of my time uploading as a zip folder file. I got to impatient so I just uploaded them individually. I was also playing with my plugins and came out with some of the elements. I just iincluded them to the kit. They looked good anyway. The sample photo is my daughter Edrie and Marc when they were having a realaxing moment in Las Vegas.
The boxes:
The elements:
The papers:

They are all in zip file. The disney characters are also available as freebie. I guess you just have to check on the dates in my blog. hihihi . Have Fun!