December 3, 2008

My Christmas Freebie

I brought my daughter to her gynecologist. The baby is not yet coming out. LOL. We'll be back on Friday again. We are really praying for a normal delivery. I think Dr. Flores is thinking of inducing her on Friday. Please pray with me that everything's going to be okay. I honestly am very very nervous.
Anyway, since I don't go out often nowadays because of my daughter, I made another freebie. This is my first Christmas kit. Not much inside but I really love them . especially the christmas balls. Hope you will like them too. In the Christmas greeting that I made includes embellishments from, Lisetescrap, a couple of gifts from Yorkybar and the wordart is from Jaelop. Thank you for your beautiful freebies. The christmas balls are mine , of course. Hehehe.
Well, I think I will be staying late with my computer tonight . My husband is out of town for a 1 day seminar in Cebu City. Believe it or not, I really can't sleep without him. LOL> So True!
Enjoy my Kit: