August 4, 2008


My niece Marivic just had a baby boy and I needed some embellsihments for his photos. These cars are just so perfect. I know you will also enjoy putting these cars on your kids photos as much as I did . Please inform me if it is Ok to post them on this site cuz i believe digiscrapdepot will not allow it. Well, I guess this is a private blog anyway. Hihihi. Hope it is okay though.
I am having problems with my free file sharing account at 4 Thank God there is Savefile to save my files. I hope I will be able to open my files in 4shared though cuz i 've got lots of files in there. Enjoy the magical world of Digital Bookscrapping!

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

All Yours in Gold

I am editing some wedding pictures of my daughter and I wanted some things in gold. I started practicing making gold papers and some embellishments and I came out with these. As usual, I don't know how to make them again. . Enjoy scrapping!
You can get them all here: