October 15, 2008

My Frames

I had my executive check up yesterday and thank God , everything is well, i guess, just ok. I thought I had a kidney problem because I was having pains in my lower abdomen and slight backaches. The doctor said I just need to drink more water. Hahaha. My blood sugar is in the boderline so it will be a big sacrifice for the super sweet tooth me. MY uric also is just .1 higher than the normal so I also have to diet myself with junk foods, peanuts, legumes . My blood count is a little low so I am on Iron vitamins right now. No wonder I get dizzxy spells sometimes.

Oh thank God I had the time to make a freebie. I hope these will be useful. I don't have a maid right now . I am so tired washing a basket of clothes and cleaning the house this morning ; I had to cook for lunch and prepare again for dinner cuz i am picking up my husband downtown by 6:30 pm. Phew! And now I am having a little backache again.

Well, I hope you like my new freebie! Here is the link:

Take care everybody and God Bless you all!