December 14, 2008

My Toys Quick Page

I can't stop taking pics of our new and first grandchild so ideas are coming in my head. She is my inspiration in this quickpage. i am sure you will like it as much as I do. Gotta cut this short cuz the baby is crying and the parents are out. here is the link for the freebie:

December 9, 2008

I am sorry

I was browsing my postings and I discovered that I made a mistake in my posting of "A TUTORIAL" dated Nov.7. I forgot one instruction . Please forgive me. I edited my tutorial already. I hope you try it again.


December 4,2008 is one of the most memorable date in our lives. Iya Marie ( our 1st grandchild) has arrived at 2:23PM. She is such a cute and adorable baby. When I first saw her in the nursery, tears fell down my eyes. Don;t even know why but I really cried. Finally, I am now more relax because Crissy delivered her baby in a normal way and they are both so well. Iya is so healthy weighing 6.12 lbs. My feeling right now is undescribable. They are right! It is so wonderful to be a grandmother. I am still thinking what she should call me. Grandmoms are called Lola in our country.

When I saw our precious little Iya, I got inpired to do a wordart and share them to you. These are my feelings for her. Hope you like them. So happy I can scrap. Made lots of digiscraps for her already and the photo here is just one of them. Thank you so much for appreciating my works. Hope you leave some comments too. It takes a little click to say thank you. LOL God bless you all!

December 3, 2008

My Christmas Freebie

I brought my daughter to her gynecologist. The baby is not yet coming out. LOL. We'll be back on Friday again. We are really praying for a normal delivery. I think Dr. Flores is thinking of inducing her on Friday. Please pray with me that everything's going to be okay. I honestly am very very nervous.
Anyway, since I don't go out often nowadays because of my daughter, I made another freebie. This is my first Christmas kit. Not much inside but I really love them . especially the christmas balls. Hope you will like them too. In the Christmas greeting that I made includes embellishments from, Lisetescrap, a couple of gifts from Yorkybar and the wordart is from Jaelop. Thank you for your beautiful freebies. The christmas balls are mine , of course. Hehehe.
Well, I think I will be staying late with my computer tonight . My husband is out of town for a 1 day seminar in Cebu City. Believe it or not, I really can't sleep without him. LOL> So True!
Enjoy my Kit:


December 2, 2008


Hello everyone! I am still waiting for my first grandchild. I don't think she or he wants to come out. LOL. We are going back to the doctor tomorrow. I think she will be scheduled for induce. Huhuhu! I am sure this process will be so painful for her. Hope she gives birth tonight. LOL.

Got something for you. I am sure these will be useful borders for your pages. Hope you like it. My sample photo is my family in Manila. My Tita (in blue) came home from the US and celebrated her birthday with my family in Manila. Too bad I was not able to make a visit that time. The one in beige is my mom and the chubby (hehee) one in purple is my elder sister. Miss them all so much.

Here is the link to my freebie:


November 21, 2008


Hi Guys! I've been quite busy these day. Not for anythings else but i'm busy accompanying my daughter in her walking exercises. She is due to have her baby very soon. Honestly, we are all so excited. Hope everything will be OK and they will be both safe. Got photos of her on top. The other photo is my entry to a challenge.

Got a little freebie for you. I was making a page for Scrap My Sister challenge for Scrapbookflair and I was in the mood in making my own elements. So I started playing around again with my plugins . I recently downloaded some presets for my Super Blade and tried some of them . I like the results and here they are.

You can download here:
P.S. Sorry about my header. I honestly don't know how to center it. LOL. I don't know how to follow the instructions on changing the html.( Don't even know what that is! LOL!)

November 7, 2008

Just a Simple Hello

Just what the title says, HELLO! I have no freebie today. I was busy making a Thank you Page for my SBF Friends yesterday. I have 534 friends to give thanks to. June (aka Ferro) suggested I just make a page for my friends to see instead of copy/paste message to 534. Wow! Can't do that! LOL. I receive lots of beautiful , inspiring comments from I guess most of them that they truly deserve a beautiful page. I made everything with adobe CS2 and its plugins.

Today, I was busy browsing on some amazing scrapbooks of my SBF Friends, giving comments as much as I could. I was also voting to some scraps in the challenges. I wanted to join the Top Ten and Glitter Challenges but when I saw their scrapbooks, my mind can't find any more new ideas. Hihihi! I voted to all the scrapbooks in both challenges. They are all so amazingly beautiful! I wish I am a real designer so i can't run out of ideas. Good luck to all of you. Your works are all so beautiful! . If I am the owner of the challenges, I think I will have a very tough decision making in giving the COC (Challenge Owner's Choice) Award. Have a beautiful day, everyone!


I dont have a freebie today but I have a tutorial on how I did this photo. It is probably one of my favorites. Here it goes. I am using Adobe CS2 but it can still be done using lower versions.

1. Open your favorite photo. Make sure the photo is clear. Adjust levels, brightness and contrast first.

2. Duplicate layer twice.

3. Desaturate both duplicates. ( shortcut key is shift+ctrl+U) or go to Image--Adjustment--

Desaturate. Click on top layer, Go to Image--adjustments--Invert.

4. Change Blending Mode of the top layer to "Color Dodge".

5. Still on the top layer: Go to Filters--Blur---Gaussian Blur. Use the slider will you like what you see.

6. To color your sketch: Make a new layer on top. Fill it with the color you like for the

sketch then change the blending mode of that layer to "Color".

7. To combine all your layers, simply Ctrl+Alt+E.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

November 5, 2008

Happy Post Halloween

Unlike in some countries, I never celebrated Halloween with such fun. The only thing I remember is during my childhood we simply go to the cemetery to visit our relatives who passed away. The only fun thing is we wait for candles to melt and form balls with it. I guess the fun thing I just did during the Halloween is view all the Halloween pages of my friends in Scrapbookflair. Gosh, they really take time to get costumes and go trick or treating. Well , I think we have that fun in Manila now. We stayed in the house the whole day of Nov.1 . I did some general cleaning so I got so tired to go out. The next day. i gathered some orchids from my garden and arranged them for my twins who did not make it(I think 23 years ago) . We also visited my mother and father in laws at their grave sites. We did a lot of eating too. My sister in law prepared one of my favorite merienda treat "dinuldog' in visayas but ginataan in tagalog. It's a mixture of bananas, jackfruit, sweet potato, then cooked with sticky rice and coconut milk. I assure you, this is YUMMY!
I made a little freebie. I wanted to join a challenge cxalled Scrap my Brother in Scrapbookflair in which I was invited but I coualdnot find it so I will just post it here. He is the reason why I cam up with these freebies. LOL. I enjoyed making the boxes and decided to share them with you. I don't know what's wrong with my 4 shared but it is taking to much of my time uploading as a zip folder file. I got to impatient so I just uploaded them individually. I was also playing with my plugins and came out with some of the elements. I just iincluded them to the kit. They looked good anyway. The sample photo is my daughter Edrie and Marc when they were having a realaxing moment in Las Vegas.
The boxes:
The elements:
The papers:

They are all in zip file. The disney characters are also available as freebie. I guess you just have to check on the dates in my blog. hihihi . Have Fun!

October 28, 2008


Hi everyone. The sun is shining so hot today after a heavy rain last night. I had a hard time sleeping last night. That's what I get for having a cup of coffee late afternoon. Another reason is I keep thinking of my son who is Kish right now. That somewhere in the Emirates. I have not heard from him lately. Hope he is OKay. Well, at least I had news from my daughter Edrica who is Maryland as a nurse. Her husband is in Germany right now so she is pretty lonely. Thanks Edrie for the money! ( She always send us $500 a month)Ain't I so lucky? HAHAHA!

I made another freebie! I was playing around with my adobe again and I came up with this. I don't know what to call them , they look like locks and at the same time very charming so I gave them that name. It's cute anyway. I made one page using it. I mixed my page with some elements from my some of my favorite designers like Beckyscraps and Lyn-O. The transparent charm of course is mine. hihihi. The picture is when Edrica got married about 2 1/2 years ago. We have not seen her since. Oh Edrie, please plan to visit us! I miss her so much!
Anyway, enjoy my freebie. I hope you find them very useful . God bless you all!

You can get them here:

October 21, 2008


Hi everyone! I have a maid! Although i am so happy about it, I am still a bit disappointed because she not that good with household work. She does not know how to cook too. Ugh! Well, at least I have somebody to clean my garden. That's the most important. I can't bend too much anymore. Weeds are coming out of my bermuda because of the rains, my euphorbias have to be resoiled., some plants have to be trimmed , the bermuda has to be cut too. Oh boy!

Well,after washing a few clothes ( I need to sweat to lower my sugar) , I enjoyed playing with my adobe , my plugins and brushes and I came out with these jewels. I hope you'll find them useful. I really had fun doing them. The other photo is a layout I made for my angel group in scrapbookflair.
Here is the link:

October 17, 2008


I am having a bad headache and i think a coming cold. Huhuhu! So I am here in front of the computer so that I won't think i am getting sick. It is a very hot day today. Finally we now have water! Some stupid guys cut the line connecting to our water supply and we had no water for a day. I had to ask for water from my sister in law. Luckily the water district came early this morning to fix it.

Anyway, here is something for you. I have to cute some spongebob for an invitation card that I will be doing for a friend. I just find them so cute so I might share them to you. I am sure these will be very cute on your scrapbooks.

Have a good day everyone!

October 15, 2008

My Frames

I had my executive check up yesterday and thank God , everything is well, i guess, just ok. I thought I had a kidney problem because I was having pains in my lower abdomen and slight backaches. The doctor said I just need to drink more water. Hahaha. My blood sugar is in the boderline so it will be a big sacrifice for the super sweet tooth me. MY uric also is just .1 higher than the normal so I also have to diet myself with junk foods, peanuts, legumes . My blood count is a little low so I am on Iron vitamins right now. No wonder I get dizzxy spells sometimes.

Oh thank God I had the time to make a freebie. I hope these will be useful. I don't have a maid right now . I am so tired washing a basket of clothes and cleaning the house this morning ; I had to cook for lunch and prepare again for dinner cuz i am picking up my husband downtown by 6:30 pm. Phew! And now I am having a little backache again.

Well, I hope you like my new freebie! Here is the link:

Take care everybody and God Bless you all!

October 7, 2008


I have not done any freebie yet because I am still enjoying joining challenges at Scrapbookflair. I am so inspired by the members comments that I get more excited to scrap and post them. Well, for the past days, i've been very busy giving awards to some members of Scrapbookflair, like, Golden Heart Award, Most Colorful Comment, and SBF Animation Award. . I really wish I could give eveybody but I already have almost 500 friends. Each of them is really special.

Well, I got two awards since I got hooked on that site. I have 1 Challenge Choice Award and 1 2nd Place. Yehey! I want to share with you the pictures that gave me these awards. The First Award I got was COC . That picture is my daughter Edrica who is Maryland. She's now 30 and very married.The challenge was When They were Little. The next one is for the Natures View Challenge and I won 2nd Place. Unbelievable! Now you i'm you understand why I can't find the time to make freebies? I hope so. I will be making some soon.

After a long time of planning, finally, I went to see a doctor. Hahaha. I guess I am just to scared of laboratory results but thank God my urinalysis is OK. i am scheduled for an executive checkup next week. I hope everythings clear and OK. Have a good day everyone. God bless you all!

September 4, 2008


I made this freebie because I want to practice a little bit on adobe filters. I had a hard time folding the paper but it was fun.

I also got hooked on scrapbookflair( that I am now even more addicted to photoshop. Hahaha! I made this for a group called "Backgrounds Only" . Well, that's two in one. I have a picture for the group and at the same time a freebie for my friends. Of course this is also for digiscrapdepot. I made so many friends from that site but I am gaining more in scrapbookflair! Thank you scrapbookflair friends for all yuour comments on my pictures> I get even more inspired to scrap because of all your beautiful comments. God bless you all!

Here is the link for Simply Red:

August 29, 2008


I was browsing my own design folder and I found out that I forgot to post another freebie. I can't even remember when I did them. Is that because of age? Hahha! Anyway, as far as I can remember I made them because I wanted to test some free patterns I downloaded. I find them very cute right? Hehehe!

What's the latest? I am going to have my very first GRAND DAUGHTER by December!!!Al though I have grand children from my sister and in laws, this will be our very own.Hihihi! I admit that before I don't want to have grandchildren yet . I don't want to be called LOLA! ( a filipino term for grandmother) But honestly, I am so excited!! My daughter said she will name her Aya Marie. I wanted Iya. hahaha!

Well,I hope and pray that our eldest Edrica will have her own baby too. I know she and her husband would love to have one soon. I guess she sooooo tired and pressured from her work as a nurse. Relax girl! I hope you'll have a baby girl too. hihihi!

OK GUYS! Here is the link for my ricracs:

August 14, 2008


I made two freebies today. I am just very much in the mood to make some. Unfortunately I was able to make only 2 cuz I think I am gonna have a headache. Got to rest my eyes! I got so inspired with some charms I saw in digiscrapdepot and I could not help not knowing how they did them. Well, these are my versions. hihihi.

The Alphas? Well, I have not done any alpha freebie so i decided to make one. That's the only reason. They came out CUTE and I love them! Hahaha! Believe it or not. I have not use themin any of my layouts yet. I run outof pictures to edit. hahaha. Another reason is ,even if I have new pics in my cam, i can't load them to my computer cuz I sent to my son in law the wrong cable. Huhuhu! I hope he send it back soon.
Anyway, here are the links :
I am so glad my 4shared account it working fine again. God bless everyone!

August 8, 2008

You are an angel

I was playing around with the new adobe plugin that I got. One is Page Curl 2.2 and I tell it's fun and so far the best plugin I ever used. It will enable you to make curls and folds. I used to make my curls with Photo Impact but now I can use just one program. I love it!

Here is a kit I made for all of you. I tried the Page Curl plugin with one of the papers. i will make better ones next time. I'm still trying its features. The other picture is a picture of my funny hubby. I discovered that I can make as many curls possible. Any suggestions just post a comment.

I also got the Puzzle Pro plugin and I am having a great fun converting our pictures to puzzles. My daughter's picture is blurred but she's so persistent to have a puzzled pic immediately. Hahaha.

Well, here is the link to my "You are an angel Kit".

August 5, 2008

Hey Mickey!

Mickey :

Pooh and Friends:

I really can't understand my 4 shared. It's making me mad already. i can't open my links to the files. Infact I can't even open my folders!!!!

August 4, 2008


My niece Marivic just had a baby boy and I needed some embellsihments for his photos. These cars are just so perfect. I know you will also enjoy putting these cars on your kids photos as much as I did . Please inform me if it is Ok to post them on this site cuz i believe digiscrapdepot will not allow it. Well, I guess this is a private blog anyway. Hihihi. Hope it is okay though.
I am having problems with my free file sharing account at 4 Thank God there is Savefile to save my files. I hope I will be able to open my files in 4shared though cuz i 've got lots of files in there. Enjoy the magical world of Digital Bookscrapping!

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

All Yours in Gold

I am editing some wedding pictures of my daughter and I wanted some things in gold. I started practicing making gold papers and some embellishments and I came out with these. As usual, I don't know how to make them again. . Enjoy scrapping!
You can get them all here:

August 3, 2008


I want share with you first some photos i edited for my favorite model ABY. My sweetest for far grand daughter by a niece. I will be having my very own this December. hahaha! I really enjoyed designing this picture. i made use of some of the brushes which i enjoyed downloading. For your information, I made the cake myself. Hahaha! She sang the birthday song the Happy Bday song and blew her candle twice. If you are interested in watching how she enjoyed her party, watch her videos. and the second one
Isn't she so cute?
I will be posting my new freebies very soon. Have a nice day everyone! God bless!

July 20, 2008


After being so busy for more than a month, i'm back to my favorite hobby. My daughter recently got married and now my son is leaving for Dubai next week (exactly on my birthday,July 23) HUHUHU> , so I had to set my mind busy with other things. Digiscrapping is the best way to take away my mind stress. Hihihi. We just hope and pray that both of them will be successful , healthy and of course happy in their chosen lives.

I downloaded some custom shape tools made by Lady Shannon of Digiscrapdepot and made some designs out of them. I hope I did justice to her custom shapes. And i hope you like them too. Thanks Lady Shannon. God Bless Everyone!
You can get them here:

July 15, 2008

My Daughter Weds

I want to share with you some pictures during my daughter's wedding in Cebu City. It was just a simple wedding attended by almost 150 guests. Some came all the way from Manila, Bohol, Davao and of course Dumaguete City.

My tears fell during the responsorial psalm thinking about my babygirls(our eldest got married almost 2 years ago) being married now. And probably because the girl singing sings like an angel. It was beautiful!

Well, I gave the word of wisdom, unbelievably during the last part of the program. Well, I had a few disappointments during the wedding and with some people but that's not important anymore. Seeing our daughter Crissy looking so happy and beautiful was already enough to take away all those disappointments.

Well, soon, I will share my freebies to all of you again. God Bless you all!

June 23, 2008


I am too busy right now that I really had no time to make some freebies. I promise that after my daughter's wedding on July 5, i will be posting some soon. My mind is too much focus on the preparations plus i got sooooo busy editing my daughter's( and her husband to be) pictures and making a slideshow presentation for them. Gosh! After I finished and watched the presentation, my tears started pouring. Oh dear! we are giving away another baby girl. HUHUHU! Anyway, I will be back soon. I will be leaving for Manila cuz my husband will be having a 3 day seminarand I will be taking advantage of the trip to visit my family. I have not seen most of them for the past 5 (almost 6) years.

I placed a photo of the wedding on my nephew which we recently attended in Bacolod City last June 8. I proxied one of the sponsors so my husband ended up with me again. HAHAHA. I am the preetiest of them all (inspite simply wearing a dress and not a gown) HAHAHA! God Bless you all and watch out for some freebies when I get back. MWAH!

June 5, 2008


I was able to get some free brushes in called "cs2 facemaker"and I was able to make these faces. So cute and I hope they will be useful in your digiscraps. Thanks for all those who left some nice word of thanks for my disney freebies. It is just unfortunate that I can't post them anymore. I was so stupid not to read the by laws of digiscrapdepot. Anyway, doing your own designs are a lot more fun . Thanks for downloading some of my freebies. I am not a business woman, I don't sell any of my embellishments ( I only sell euphorbia plants to friends . hahaha). I am just enjoying all the tutorials I learned from free photoshop tutorials ; use them and share them to all of you. Thanks again to those who leave very nice word of thanks after downloading them.

Download the extra freebie here:

My Buttons

I am having a terrible cold and slight fever. Oh dear, I had to get well before we leave for Bacolod on Saturday. It is going to be at least a 5 hour drive.

I hope Iam not copying anything now with my buttons. hahaha. Well, i guess I have to keep my disneys for myself. Anyway, I hope you like these buttons. I was playing with some adobe plugins and came out with these lovely buttons. There is really so much things you can do with adobe especially if you install some plugins and some free layer styles : FUNTASTIC!

You get get the buttons here:

Too Bad

For some reasons on copyright issues which i learned from Digiscrapdepot , I am sorry I can't post my disney freebies anymore. Thanks for understanding. Happy scrapping still!

June 1, 2008

Be Jeweled

Today was a boring day. I spent most of my morning downloading some free stuffs in the internet and reading some photoshop tutorials. Did you know that you could get a lot of stuffs from Try it. I'm sure you will enjoy that site as much as I did.

I was praticing how to make silver effects on my strokes and so far so good , I guess. I know I need more practice with bevels and contours and other adjustments in photoshop but I hope you like them. There are instant free layer styles available on the net but it is more fun to do your own anyway. I left some of the stones plain because I love the way the look anyway.

You can get these lovely jewels here:

May 31, 2008


I was looking at my files in 4 shared and I discovered that I forgot to share this Quickpage I made. As I remember I made this QP for a friend a month ago. Isn't that a sign of getting old? HAHAHA! Well, there's not much new in my life except that I will definitely busy for the coming week with some errands. Gotta have the pick-up fix for the weekend trip to Bacolod too (for my nephew's wedding); follow up my daughter's church requirements, get money from the bank for my son's tuition fee (huhuhu!) and for other personal stuffs.
I also doing some freebies and will soon post and share them to all of you. Honestly, digiscrapping is one way of getting some of those so called STRESS!

You can get the QP here:

May 29, 2008


I am so happy today because I was able to chat with my daughter who is touring San Diego and Seattle right now with her hubby. She's, I believe, the most efficient nurse in the Oncology department of St. Joseph's Hospital, Maryland so she really needs that break. I am so happy that she was able to meet Mickey Mouse. HAHAHA! Well, I know they are trying their best to have a baby. " Sometimes, it takes time Babygirl. We'll always pray for that time to come soon." We miss her so much. And I hope the next time they plan to travel, it will be to visit us.

Another good news is, finally, I decided to REALLY visit my own family in Manila. I got my ticket already so that i won't be able to change my mind anymore. Like I always do for the past 5 years. Now, it is final. I am so excited but I hope i can stand the heat and the traffic ( which I hate hate hate in Manila)

Okay, i want to share these embellishments with you. This is how I feel today. "Sparklingly happy and excited" You can get it here: