July 15, 2008

My Daughter Weds

I want to share with you some pictures during my daughter's wedding in Cebu City. It was just a simple wedding attended by almost 150 guests. Some came all the way from Manila, Bohol, Davao and of course Dumaguete City.

My tears fell during the responsorial psalm thinking about my babygirls(our eldest got married almost 2 years ago) being married now. And probably because the girl singing sings like an angel. It was beautiful!

Well, I gave the word of wisdom, unbelievably during the last part of the program. Well, I had a few disappointments during the wedding and with some people but that's not important anymore. Seeing our daughter Crissy looking so happy and beautiful was already enough to take away all those disappointments.

Well, soon, I will share my freebies to all of you again. God Bless you all!

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Deborah Claxton said...

gorgeous photos and lo's!!!