October 7, 2008


I have not done any freebie yet because I am still enjoying joining challenges at Scrapbookflair. I am so inspired by the members comments that I get more excited to scrap and post them. Well, for the past days, i've been very busy giving awards to some members of Scrapbookflair, like, Golden Heart Award, Most Colorful Comment, and SBF Animation Award. . I really wish I could give eveybody but I already have almost 500 friends. Each of them is really special.

Well, I got two awards since I got hooked on that site. I have 1 Challenge Choice Award and 1 2nd Place. Yehey! I want to share with you the pictures that gave me these awards. The First Award I got was COC . That picture is my daughter Edrica who is Maryland. She's now 30 and very married.The challenge was When They were Little. The next one is for the Natures View Challenge and I won 2nd Place. Unbelievable! Now you i'm you understand why I can't find the time to make freebies? I hope so. I will be making some soon.

After a long time of planning, finally, I went to see a doctor. Hahaha. I guess I am just to scared of laboratory results but thank God my urinalysis is OK. i am scheduled for an executive checkup next week. I hope everythings clear and OK. Have a good day everyone. God bless you all!