June 30, 2009

First CU Freebie

It is a lovely day today. I have been very busy with my grand daughter Iya who is on vacation with us. Unfortunately, she's going back to Cebu by Friday. Dad and I will bring her to Cebu because her mom and dad can't come over to pick her up. Well, at least i will be with Iya for another 2 days. hehe. I am so happy too that we were able to talk to Edrie and Jimboy on the phone . I miss them so very much. I wonder when we will all be together again. Well, i hope next year.

I made a freebie for the new forum in which I joined. It is called CU Freebies Forum made by Lady Shannon . I wanted to post this there too but I still don't know how to go about with the site. hehehe. I guess I am poor when it comes to instructions. LOL. I better get help from Shannon.

Actually, I just played around with my adobe plugin called SuperBladePro. It is fantastic . The best thing about this plugin is there are tons of freebie effects that you can get in the net. Hmmmm, I think they should pay me for advertising.Hihihi .Anyway, I hope you like it . Please read my TOU before using this freebie. I always forget putting my TOU on my freebies. I hope my designs were not stolen. Please give me a little credit for using my designs. Well, here is my freebie for you :
Great Day to all of you. God bless you all!

June 12, 2009

Adorable and Furry

I am so in mood so I made a mini kit . I was trying one of my my plugins and discovered that I can make a furry effect. The other I was tryng to learn more abour adobe Illustrator but I failed. I really need a real basic tutorial on how to go about with the tools and how to manage the layers. i find it a lot more completed than the photoshop. If anybody knows any basic tutorial on Adobe Illustrator, please let me know. I wanted to use its extrude feature to make a 3D effect but i could not understand the instruction of a tutorial i discovered in photoshoproad map.It is also one great program to animate so I really need a good and easy tutorial. Please help me on this.

Anyway, I have a plugin calledAlien Skin: Eye Candy:Impact which has an extrude feature too. I used this in making my wordart. For my single stamp frame, I want to thank, Gunhild Storeide for it.I just made the multiple type stamp..Thanks a lot. I truly love it. Now, I will give you a very easy tutorial on how to use the stamp with your photo. I am using adobecs3 but I think you can still do this on Cs and CS2. I really don't know if this can be done using Elements.

1. put the stamp on your paper then put your photo on top .

2. You can resize the photo to fit the stamp or just make sure the part that you want to be seen on the stamp is on top of the stamp.

3.Go to Layer and click "create clipping mask" In CS3 you can use the shortcute alt+cltrl+G and you've just made a stamp out of your photo. Hope you uunderstood it. LOL

I have told you about the Hue/Saturation (ctrl U)feature: Play with the sliders and change the color of the element or paper.

I used elements and papers of this kit with the photo on top. I think I did not put all the elements on the preview page. I honestly forgot to put them . Just take it as a surprise. Hehe.

The "That's what you are" wordart is just something I made out of OhmyGodstars font. It is free, just search it.I forgot where I got the font. Hihihi sorry.
And of course, in the photo is my favorite model Iya Marie who just came in from Cebu to stay with her mamoo for 3 weeks. I guess that will be my sweetest birthday present. Unless, Jimboy and Edrie send me something more sweet. HAHAHAHA. I miss you guys!!!
Okay, here is the link to my new kit. Hope you like it:
Enjoy the weekend! Happy Independence Day Philippines!BRing down the gas prices!!LOL

June 1, 2009

From Chingjp Kit

Not much is happening lately except for a surprise call from my son Edric Jame who is Dubai. Believe it or not but according to him ,it is 50 degrees C out there. MY MY MY! I wonder how he could stand that heat. Thanks for the call my Jimboy. I miss you so very much! I am missing my daughter Edrie too who is taking a cruise to the Bahamas with her hubby Marc. i am so happy for her because she and her husband have been wishing for this. Have fun!!
My friend Fritzie aka Chingjp game me permission to make quickpages out of her kits. Thank you too my friend for allowing me do so. I hope you like this first QP I made. This is from her Summertime Kit. Sorry about the preview photo. It should have been "made and not designed" I just noticed it now. Hihihi. Sorry.Check out her blog http://chingjp.blogspot.com/ She has lots of wonderful freebies out there.]

The sample photo is my daughter Crissy(who i miss too of course) with my cute grand daughter Iya Marie( my BooBoo and her Yaya Jing. I am so excited to see Iya. She's coming anytime this month to stay with me for a month till my birthday comes on July. I hope she will still recognize me.
Well, that's it folk. hehe. I hope you'll find this QP useful for your summer photos. Here is the link:
God bless you all!!!