June 1, 2009

From Chingjp Kit

Not much is happening lately except for a surprise call from my son Edric Jame who is Dubai. Believe it or not but according to him ,it is 50 degrees C out there. MY MY MY! I wonder how he could stand that heat. Thanks for the call my Jimboy. I miss you so very much! I am missing my daughter Edrie too who is taking a cruise to the Bahamas with her hubby Marc. i am so happy for her because she and her husband have been wishing for this. Have fun!!
My friend Fritzie aka Chingjp game me permission to make quickpages out of her kits. Thank you too my friend for allowing me do so. I hope you like this first QP I made. This is from her Summertime Kit. Sorry about the preview photo. It should have been "made and not designed" I just noticed it now. Hihihi. Sorry.Check out her blog http://chingjp.blogspot.com/ She has lots of wonderful freebies out there.]

The sample photo is my daughter Crissy(who i miss too of course) with my cute grand daughter Iya Marie( my BooBoo and her Yaya Jing. I am so excited to see Iya. She's coming anytime this month to stay with me for a month till my birthday comes on July. I hope she will still recognize me.
Well, that's it folk. hehe. I hope you'll find this QP useful for your summer photos. Here is the link:
God bless you all!!!