October 7, 2010


Oh dear. I really messed up my notes. I thought I blogged about this adorable kit called School Rules by Snips and Snails. By the way Stephanne Moorhead is the designer of Snips and snails So fun to use . I don't have school children of my own anymore. My grand daughter is just almost and my grandson is nearly just 2 weeks old.  Luckily, Iya who happens to become a cam hater, however, was kind enough and cooperative to pose in her little study corner.  I was so lucky to get a little smile too. LOL In the first photo, she was talking nonsense. We really could not understand what she was saying. All we know is she's immitating her mom when she teaches her. She writes a lot of scribbles on her board and enjoys erasing them. She's just too sweet.
So check out School Rules.  You will surely love the elements and the papers in this kit.  Here are my layouts and product preview of this wonderful and adorable kit, GET IT HERE: SCHOOL RULES