May 16, 2010

For Edrica

HI Everyone. Our national election is finished.  As usual, there was massive vote buying, cheating, whatever you can think of.  It was really so frustrating to discover that many people sell their votes to the highest bidder.  I don't think I can't blame some fellow citizens if they decided not to vote. Was the first computerized voting system successful?  Ask the people and not the Comelec.  I really feel so so so bad for a family friend who almost everybody ( and even the city hall) know  won the election . What happened!! So sad so so sad. Until now I and my husband are really hurt for him and his family.  I guess we just have to look at the positive side .  Maybe there is something better for him.  We really wish him and his family the best of everything. Just be patient. As  they say, the truth will always prevail.  God bless you and your family.

OK. Let's go back to scrapping!LOL. I played around with my daughter's(with her husband)  photo. GOt inspired to make a mini  kit . I read in one of her comments that she likes blue ( I thought she liked earth colors like me)  so I made the main color blue. I also named it after her.  I really miss her so very much. I hope i had more time to make elements.  I really would like to try all the shapes and brushes I downloaded  but my son John is back and he uses the computer at night. Also, I am getting back and arm pains if I stay long on the computer. I really need a Wacom. LOL  I hope you like this. HAPPY SCRAPPING!
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