March 24, 2009

Another Wordart

I've been busy in my computer since this morning hoping one of my children get online. Too bad, no one made a buzz. Hu hu hu. Anyway, after a heavy gardening this morning, I just could not get away from the computer. I did a lot of editing for my nephew JR who made a visit from Bacolod. He brought some pics of his first baby girl Yza and ask me to edit some for him. I got also inspired to do some wordart because again, I was to lazy to look for one that would find Yza's page. BTW Yza was born just two weeks earlier than my granda daughter Iya.
My husband and I are going out for dinner tonight. He knows that I have been rearranging and repotting my plants for more than a week already so he wants me to take a break from cooking dinner tonight. Yipee!
Here is my freebie for you. I don't know why I focused on "happiness" when in fact I am so disappointed that I have not heard from my son and daughter who are out of the country. Well, I guess it's because it a word we always want to have.
P.S. If you have to change the color and if you are using adobe, just use the hue/Saturation adjustments and play with the sliders.

Here's the link:

March 21, 2009

Sparklies for You

I am all alone today. Actually even yesterday. My husband is in a whole day seminar and my son John Matz who is left with us left for Bacolod City yesterday for a vacation. My grand daughter and her mom left for Cebu already to join her father . I am missing her so so much that I am so excited to visit her during the Holy Week. My husband and I will be there for 9 days starting April 4-12.

What's new? Aside from the freebie, my son Edric James and her GF Marvie finally had their civil wedding last March 12 in Dubai. I think they've been together for 9 years already. They are planning to have their church wedding here in the Philippines next year. I guess I am more excited to see my son than the wedding. LOL.

I am also missing my eldest daughter Edrica who is in Maryland and has not called us for quite a long time. Thanks to face book, I get updates on how she is .

About the freebie, I was actually making a page for Iya and me and there was a space that I had to put an embellishment on. I was too lazy to search from tons of freebies that I have in my files so I decided to make my own. Hahaha. In the first place I have to update my blog too. I love the way it turned out so I want to share it with you. You can also use my Hearts and Stars freebie for this. Hope you will all like it too.

Here is the link:

PS. One of the photos is my son and his now wife after their civil wedding in Dubai. The other photo is me and my grand daughter Iya a couple of hours before she left for Cebu City.

March 10, 2009

QP for You

I made this freebie last week but unable to post it because Iya Marie was hospitalized last Friday March 7. She was having fever that morning and became higher late afternoon so we (her mom and dad and my hubby) decided to bring her to SUMC (Silliman medical Center) . There were so many people cuz there was an accident. I was happy they entertained Iya immediately inspite of all fuzz. They put a wee bag on her to have her urine checked. It was so hot in the emergency room that Iya was really sweating aside from all of us. One hour past and Iya has not made wiwi yet so the doctor advised us to go home for a while and just bring the urine for lab testing. When we arrived home, Iya made wiwi (hahaha) and her mom and dad had to go back to the hospital for lab testing.

When they came back, they said that Iya had Urinary Tract Infection and she had to be confined. Her fever might rise and cause convulsion etc.etc. Of course we got scared and had her confined at Holy Child Hospital ( which is more convenient for us). Her doctor was out of town and she left her patients to Dr. Oracion. She was very nice to us though. They placed another wee bag on Iya and guess what, there was no infection. Phew! Though we were happy about it, they still had her confined to check why she is having fever. believe it or not, Iya's fever did not come back the minute anymore. No why? We underdose her with paracetamol. hahaha. She should get 1ml and we were only giving her .5ml. Nevertheless, they still put her on dextrose and we stayed for almost 2 days in the hospital. Now we are back! And here is my freebie!!!

March 4, 2009


What do you think of my blog? So PRETTY, isn't it? The credit goes to JOY for designing my blog. If you want to change your blog layout, visit her blog and she has some freebies and instructions on how to do it. She will gladly guide on how to do it as well. Thank you to SBF too, where I was able to meet a wonderful friend like her. God bless you Joy.

In the photo is my blog designer Joy in Ayuthaya, an old historic capital in Siam.The other one is joy and her family. Thanks again Joy.

March 3, 2009


I downloaded some cute fonts and played with them. I find them so plain and boring so i wasted some time coloring some of them. it made my eyes a bit sore but I enjoyed doing it anyway. In the first place , they turned out a lot better than before. I tried one in Iya Marie's page. What do you think? Hope you will find them cute in your pages as well. I got my elements from Kiwiscrapper (the 2 girls). Please leave a little love after you download them.
Download here:

BTW, I want to thank Joy of ( for designing a blog layout for me. I am new to these but I hope I can do it. I am still trying to understand her instructions but soon you will be seeing a very sweet layout made especially for me by Joy. Thank you my dear friend. So lucky I met you in SBF. God bless you.

March 2, 2009

Thank you Kate

This is a couple of pages made by one of my sweetest friend ,GypsyKate of Scrapbookflair using my Spring Kit freebie. Thank you so much. If anyone else has used any of my freebies, please send me your layouts if you want to so I can post them here .That's the best way ,i think, to thank you.Hehe!. my email ad is .

March 1, 2009

Spring Blog Train

The Spring Blog Train hosted by Tulip Designs at has started. I am so happy to be included in the Train because this is my first. Browse down further to view my contribution. These the other designers who contributed also. (you are here)

Have Fun!

My Lemonade Award

I got another award from Connie ( She's got some lovely free stuffs there too. I really don't nkow what this award is for but I think it is because I am COOOOOL! Hahaha. Just kidding. Anyway, thank you Connie for thinking of me. i think most of the friends I know have this award so I guess i can nonimate only 1 filipina SBF member named Joy. I give you this award deary for being so nice to me:

Just copy and paste the award in your blog and say where you got it from and nominate other friends of yours . That's it.

I used my Spring Kit freebie in the other photo. As usual, my present favorite model is my first and only grandchild Iya Marie. Too bad she and her mother will be leaving us to join her father in Cebu who is working there on March 6 . HUHUHU! Though just an island away, I don't know what I would feel not seeing her ,playing with her, bathing her, hugging her every morning. OMG! I think I will be devastated. Well, as what my husband keeps ttelling me, "Learn how to let go" . I tell you, it is really hard. All my children are still babies too me. and Iya is such a joyand she really took away my boredom. I will be missing her so.
Anyway,back to something bright, I hope you liked my Spring kit freebie. When I was doing Iya's page, I started to like it more. Hihihi. God bless everyone.