May 7, 2010


 Happy Mother's Day to all my friends ( okay let's include the enemies LOL), blog friends, cyberfriends, facebook friends, scrapbook addicts, and relatives. I know it's a little late but I made a page for my daughter and I love the wordart that I made. I want to share it to all of you for your Mom's pages. However, it is late, you can use it if you want to send love to your moms anytime. I am getting addicted to making wordarts than kits right now. I am still trying to learn Illustrator. At least i've learn the basic already ( well, not all the tools though).

I don't have a maid! She left a couple of weeks ago for a vacation and did not return. Too bad she brought my old celfone. A big lesson for me.  It's quite hard without a maid but honestly, I am enjoying it sometimes. Well, I have 2 rambutan trees in front of the house and sweeping the fallen leaves is really giving me  back and arm aches.  On the positive side, it really makes me perspire a lot. Great exercise to burn sugar and lose weight.  I lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks. Not bad. I am happy that my son is back. I can't believe it, he helps me with the chores and he sometimes sweeps the garden. Halleluja!!!LOL.

Elections will be on Monday.  I hope everything goes smoothly though I doubt it.  It is our first automated election . Unfortunately, some memory sticks failed when tested.  People are losing trust on the machines. I really hope there will be no people power if it fails. God bless the Philippines!

OKAY! Let's have an enjoyable time scrapping!
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