April 28, 2008


Hi everyone! I am home alone today! Finally I did some gardening this morning cuz the weather is cloudy. I didn’t have to worry about getting sunburned . Well, i did my daily exercises but ended up eating chocolates again. Hahaha.
Hmm. I did my first kit last night and I would like to share it with all of you. I love the color blue that’s why it’s my first blue floral kit. You can choose to get the whole kit or just the embellishments, the papers or the quickpage. It’s entirely up to you ! Just enjoy bookscrapping! God Bless you all!
For the Papers:
For the Embellishments:
For the Quickpage:

April 25, 2008

My Second Quickpage

It is too hot to go around town and too lazy again to do some chores. Oh dear my garden really needs some attention. Well, though I need some gardening to do, my laziness still over- powered me. HAHAHA! I decided to spend my time making my embellishments, playing with adobe and ended up doing a quickpage. It may seem a little plain in the middle so i guess you will have some extra space to put more embellishments. I hope you will like this again.
By the way thank you for those who left some comments about my zodiac embellishments. I hope you are enjoying them.
You can get your freebie here


April 22, 2008


April 22, 2008

I was so lazy to do my routinary household chores yesterday so I decided to finish my zodiac freebies. Today was a very busy day though. I had lots of errands to attend too( but mostly paying bills..agh!) , but I had a sozy lunchdate with my friend Jessica. i have not see her for quite some time. We ate at a restaurant called "Mama Mia" owned by our mayor. Food was nice and not really that expensive. I went home after lunch and spent most of my time editing some pictures again. Happy Scrapping!

I hope you like these:

April 20, 2008

Another Simple Freebie!

April 20,2008

It's a very hot day today . I just finished re-planting my orchids this morning and I think I lost a lot of calories from sweating out. hahaha! I guess that will compensate for skipping my hip hop abs exercise today. I started doing it last Wednesday i guess and I tell you my whole body aches right now but i am starting to get use to it. Hahaha.

My freebie only includes the paper, chain frame and the heart embellishment. The flower is from Dnadryad ( one of my favorite designers of digiscrapdepot) Thank you. I hope you like it. Somebody sent me an email of zodiac gems. I am starting to cut them and perhaps have them as a freebie soon.

For the paper:

For the the chain and heart:

I am sorry about the dates because honestly i don't know how to edit it. The dates automatically comes out a day behind.

Good day to everyone!

April 18, 2008

More Eating!

April 18, 2008

It was Winston's Bday yesterday!( my husband's cousin)! He turned 60 as well. We had dinner at their place about 2 minutes walk from ours. HAHAHA! My husband had a dinner meeting with the Mayor and some friends so he was not able to join us. Anyway, as promised to myself, I did not eat rice ; just small quantities of the viands and a little desert ( little?) Hmmm... I had to lose weight. I am already 136 lbs . Honestly, I don't feel so good when I'm heavy. And I feel bad when I can't get the style of dresses that I like. Hihihi. Well, Good luck to me.

By the way the picture on top is Winston's wife, Stella and their grandchildren Bibikoy and the newly born Tikoy. ( i wonder where they got those names). We had fun chatting and taking pictures. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring my camera so I only used my celfone. Too bad, most of the pictures were blurred . Well, I guess I better bring my cam always. Hahaha! God bless you all!

April 15, 2008

My First Freebie zip file

I made another link for my first freebie in a zip file. you can download it here:



April 15, 20, 2008

I was awfully tired yesterday after a whole day party celebration of my hubby’s birthday last April 13 so my husband and I decided to go out after his half day Seminar at Bethel Hotel , went window shopping and treated himself for a couple of new pairs of shoes . They were on sale though. HAHAHA!

Anyway, the party was a success. It started with an early 5 a.m. serenade from his sisters and some nieces and nephews, his brother-in-law Ronnie and a guest pastor( sorry I couldn’t remember his name). Thank you so much to Salome, Ronnie and their daughter Selah for taking a 6 hour trip from Bacolod City ( but with Ronnie’s driving skills, I know it was lesser. Hahaha) just to be with us. We had puto and chocolate, very hot pandesal , piyaya (a famous Bacolod delicacy) and real hot coffee. Then we separated to prepare food for the real party at 12PM.

12PM: It’s party time! The roast pig ( lechon) came in time. Guests started coming in and food started pouring. HAHAHA! I would like to give thanks to my sister-in-law Dutchie and her daughter Minette for helping me prepare the chocolate cake and macaroons (w/c we enjoyed eating the night before hahaha while chatting till almost 12 midnight); for also cooking the native chicken soup and the palabok. Thanks to Salome and Ronnie for contributing the chicken , Carrot & Walnut cake and I don’t know how many kilos of fish maw for grilling They did not fit in our griller so I had to bake some of them. YUMMY! Of course, special thanks to Marissa and Maricon ( our nieces)who brought some empanadas and spaghetti and to Melende who cooked the Menudo. Hmmm! What did I do? Oh baked the fish and decorated the cake. Hehehe! Too bad some people were absent especially our two babies in Cebu (Jimboy and Crissy) who can’t get home for their dad’s bday but we do understand. Congrats to Jimboy for his promotion as supervisor. It’s about time Baby Jim! We are happy for you. Anyway, they will be here next weekend to treat their dad.

The most special gift dad received was of course a long call from his Baby Girl No. 1 Edrica and her hubby Marc who are in Maryland USA. She really stayed awake till 12-1:30 a.m. to talk to almost everybody. Thanks for the call nak! And of course your contribution for dad’s party. Hehehe! I tried taking more pictures but I guess I spent more time talking . HIHIHI!

We had lotsa food, so the eating continued till dinner. The girls went out for some girly talks and we just had a break of playing mahjong. Oh thanks for Rachel’s presence ,we had a quorum. HAHAHA! Then the eating started again. Oh dear we are suppose to lose some weight for JR’s wedding in June.

By 8 pm, we are all full ( we should be) and decided to say goodbye. I know dad was so happy for his party and I am so glad that he really had fun. He’s now 60 years old.! WELCOME TO THE 60’s DAD! We love you so much!

April 12, 2008

Another Freebie!

Good Day Everyone! I have another freebie for you. I hope you like it.

I am sorry about my first freebie because i forgot to convert it into a zip file. I will make a new link for that next time. Have a happy weekend! God Bless you all!

April 11, 2008

My Hubby is turning 60!

Myy husband's birthday is on Sunday! I started buying ingredients for my menu. Luckily I won't be doing all the cooking. Thanks to my sisters-in-law especially Dutchie and Melende! They were the one's who volunteered to help. Dutchie will bake my 2 layer chocolate cake and I will do the icing and the decorating. She will also cook the "Palabok" (a filipino noddle dish) and the Native chicken Tinola (a soup out of native chicken, ginger, onions, tomatoes, and malunggay leaves, sorry i don't know if there is an english term for that...hihihi) . I will make pork menudo, and baked fish. I hope shrimps will be cheap in the market on Sunday so I can have lots of them. I love shrimps! And of course, my favorite fruit salad. Oh! And advance thanks to my niece Marissa cuz she will be bring some empanadas! Well, I will of course give my thanks to those who will bring something for dad. HAHAHA!

The party will be lunchtime but i'm sure it will continue till dinnertime. That usually happens everytime there's a family gathering. I hope the food will last though. HAHAHA! If not, the cooking continues.

It is just so unfortunate that my daughter Edrica will again be absent cuz she's in Maryland. Edrie Girl thanks for the contribution for your dad's bday! Hehehe! And of course, thanks a lot for my new cam. I will surely be taking so many pictures.

Oh dear! Jimboy and Crissy (my babies in Cebu City) will also be absent cuz they can't get out of their work to come home for a while. Huhuhu! I wonder what their good news is. They said they will say it on dad's bday. Hmmm. Maybe it's my son's promotion? his trip to China? or perhaps he got an increase? Will tell you all about it next time. HAHAHA! On second thought, my daughter Crissy loves surprising us. Who knows? Maybe they'll be here.

And finally, my Family Slideshow will be shown too. After working on it for almost 5 months; editing it 4 times and wasting 7 dvds , it's finally finished. I just hope they won't get tired watching my 45 minute slideshow. Hihihi!

This is long huh. Bye for now! God bless you all!

My first Freebie

April 10,2008

Hello to my fellow digiscrappers! I made this blog for you especially for members of digiscrapdepot.com .

Thank you Vicky for advising me to make my own blog so i can contribute something to the group. Well, I am not an expert designer but i love playing with Adobe Photoshop so I might as well create something and share them. In the first place, I have been grabbing freebies of other members for quite sometime. I guess this is one way of thanking all of them.

HOnestly, I won't be able to create my freebies again cuz as i have said, i am just playing around with Adobe CS2 tools. The gradients, textures, layer modes etc. Hahahaha!

To all the designers and members of digiscrapdepot, thank you so much for giving us a lot of your beautiful designs. They really help me a lot in designing the family photos I used in my slideshow which will be shown on my hubby's 60th birthday on April 13. Yehey! Thank you so much! More power to the site!

Well here is my first freebie. It's very simple but i hope it could also be useful. This is a try out freebie cuz ...well... I just created my blog. I hope it works. HAHAHA!

and you can get it here:


Hope you like it. I will try my best to improve my designs and i promise i will be back to share it with all of you. Good day!