April 11, 2008

My Hubby is turning 60!

Myy husband's birthday is on Sunday! I started buying ingredients for my menu. Luckily I won't be doing all the cooking. Thanks to my sisters-in-law especially Dutchie and Melende! They were the one's who volunteered to help. Dutchie will bake my 2 layer chocolate cake and I will do the icing and the decorating. She will also cook the "Palabok" (a filipino noddle dish) and the Native chicken Tinola (a soup out of native chicken, ginger, onions, tomatoes, and malunggay leaves, sorry i don't know if there is an english term for that...hihihi) . I will make pork menudo, and baked fish. I hope shrimps will be cheap in the market on Sunday so I can have lots of them. I love shrimps! And of course, my favorite fruit salad. Oh! And advance thanks to my niece Marissa cuz she will be bring some empanadas! Well, I will of course give my thanks to those who will bring something for dad. HAHAHA!

The party will be lunchtime but i'm sure it will continue till dinnertime. That usually happens everytime there's a family gathering. I hope the food will last though. HAHAHA! If not, the cooking continues.

It is just so unfortunate that my daughter Edrica will again be absent cuz she's in Maryland. Edrie Girl thanks for the contribution for your dad's bday! Hehehe! And of course, thanks a lot for my new cam. I will surely be taking so many pictures.

Oh dear! Jimboy and Crissy (my babies in Cebu City) will also be absent cuz they can't get out of their work to come home for a while. Huhuhu! I wonder what their good news is. They said they will say it on dad's bday. Hmmm. Maybe it's my son's promotion? his trip to China? or perhaps he got an increase? Will tell you all about it next time. HAHAHA! On second thought, my daughter Crissy loves surprising us. Who knows? Maybe they'll be here.

And finally, my Family Slideshow will be shown too. After working on it for almost 5 months; editing it 4 times and wasting 7 dvds , it's finally finished. I just hope they won't get tired watching my 45 minute slideshow. Hihihi!

This is long huh. Bye for now! God bless you all!

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