August 14, 2008


I made two freebies today. I am just very much in the mood to make some. Unfortunately I was able to make only 2 cuz I think I am gonna have a headache. Got to rest my eyes! I got so inspired with some charms I saw in digiscrapdepot and I could not help not knowing how they did them. Well, these are my versions. hihihi.

The Alphas? Well, I have not done any alpha freebie so i decided to make one. That's the only reason. They came out CUTE and I love them! Hahaha! Believe it or not. I have not use themin any of my layouts yet. I run outof pictures to edit. hahaha. Another reason is ,even if I have new pics in my cam, i can't load them to my computer cuz I sent to my son in law the wrong cable. Huhuhu! I hope he send it back soon.
Anyway, here are the links :
I am so glad my 4shared account it working fine again. God bless everyone!