April 26, 2010

For my Mother

Home alone! Crissy and Iya are back in Cebu. My maid left last Friday and Dad's back to work. All alone during weekdays but my son John Matz will be home by Sunday. So excited to see him. He has been in Manila since January. got no maid so this will be very fast. my kit is not finished yet.  Well, not satisfied is the truth. No headlines in my life except that my husband turned 62 last April 13. No celebrations but a whole lechon arrived. MY MY MY! and it is just me, dad and Crissy and Iya.  We gave some to the relatives , cooked paksiw na lechon, and stored some in the fridge. I think i still got some in there. LOL
OOOH ! I really had great fun with Iya even if I had backache and armaches.  I wished she stayed a little longer. I 've got tons of pictures of her again and I really don't know which one to do first.  Just look at my Facebook Photos to see a lot of her.

 Well, Mother's Day is coming ( that's mean MY DAY )LOL so I decided to just do some wordarts in the meantime. I am trying to learn Adobe Illustrator but I never thought it would be so complicated. My friend Allyn said that it would be a lot easier if I have a wacom tablet but ... uh oh... too expensive . Hope you like these wordarts and would find it useful in your scrapbooks. Have fun and Advance Happy Mother's Day to all of us mothers. God bless you all! Give some love please!
Download Here