May 28, 2009


Remember I was giving credit to somebody named Barbie in Angelsbookscrapping? I went back to the site to check it . I found out the she was busted for piracy. Uh oh I hope she did not get the QP's i made for the site. Well, I guess she not the only one. I see some designers who are using other designs. The only difference is they change the color or texture. I wonder if that's okay?LOL. Too bad. It could have a been a wonderful and successful bookscrapping site. Honestly I downloaded a couple of freebies from her. I am sorry if I won't be able to give credit to the real designers if ever I post my page in here or any other bookscrapping site. They are so beautiful that I don't think I could not resist not using them. I will be making my own freebies soon again.

This is a page i made using Dreams by Mira's Designs but I got them from Thank you so much for this beautiful kit.
Great day everyone!

May 25, 2009

My See-Tru Kit

It's a super hot day today! Though I have errands to do, I had to postpone for a while because of the heat and the traffic. I don't understand what is happening in Dumaguete City. So many rather too many roads are under repair. I don't understand why they have to destroy roads that do not need repair anyway. I wonder what will happen when the classes starts by June. OOOHHH NOOO! Elections? No comment. LOL.
I was not feeling well this morning but thanks for a cold bath I am feeling much better( that's wrong grammar! Hahaha) Anyway, since I have two maids right now, I am feeling senyorita. LOL. I have been playing around with adobe since this morning and decided to finish my new kit. I will be sending the my other maid to my daughter Crissy soon so I might as well take advantage of having 2 in the meantime. LOL

I also have been reading some adobe tutorials and discover a fantastic free adobe action called Photo Box. Check this out:

I just did some reshaping with some of them. You will enjoy it as much as I did because it is free! LOL

It was Jimboy's( my eldest son) birthday last Saturday. Unfortunately, he is in Dubai. Huhuhu. Missing you Jimbabyboy! We were so happy though when he called. Nevertheless, we stilll celebrated with ICE CREAM and we played mahjong (a chinese game) with some relatives. The game continued the next day because it was Tita Dutchie's bday ( celebrated in advance) . So that means MORE EATING! LOL

Well, without further adieu here is the link to my new freebie. Enjoy it cuz it's free but I hope you will find time to leave some love. That's not too much to ask, right?

May 21, 2009

Fun with Quickpages

My car is here. I practiced driving it yesterday. I thought I destroyed something cuz when I restarted it, it did not start. Tried and tried it but no good. The mechanic tried to fix it for 3 hours only to discover that I a wire connection near the accelarator was detached. Maybe I accidentally kicked it or something. LOL
It's raining again after a day of sunshine. I am still lazy to go out so I've been here in front of my computer for quite some time already.. Updating my blog is my last mission. LOL. Did a lot of new pages already but mostly for my grand daughter Iya.

I had a great fun making these quickpages for Angel Scrapbook Freebie Forum. I just discovered their site this morning and truly enjoyed chatting with Barbie (the site Administrator) She's very nice. Thanks for chatting with me Barbie. I saw that she started the May Contest and I joined immediately. These are the Quickpages I made for the group. I downloaded all the elements at Angel Scrapbook called Z Summer . The size of the QPs is 800x800 px with 150 resolution.Here are the links:
That links are of the same order as the photos. Hope you like them all though. They free again so a word of thanks will be very much appreciated. Great day to everyone. Hugs !!

May 20, 2009


It has been raining for 2 days already. Not just a little summer rain but real "rain rain go away" LOL. Well, since i'm tooooo lazy to go out , I decided to continue my new kit. I call it I Heart You kit. Hihi. I really don't know else to call kit. My friend Fritz aka Chingjp taught me how to make the shape texting style ( is that how I should call it? lol) and tried it. I want to share them with you. I enjoyed doing the trick though. it's simply making a shape with your custom shape tool (I am using adobe cs3) and texting inside it. I only made 2 papers, if you want to change the color, simply play with the hue/saturation adjustment layer. Just like what I did on my sample page.

In my LO, I just borrowed some leaves I downloaded from digiscrapdepot. And of course, the photo is my favorite model Iya, my sweet grand daughter who I am missing so much. BTW, the first photo is a page I made for SBF ( my favorite scrapbooking site) . The heart and charm on "I have a Big Appetite"page is from Jaelop.
I hope you like my new kit. It is free so I hope you just a little sweet comment would be very much appreciated. God bless you all!
Here is the link:
BTW! My car just arrived! Yipee!HAHAHAHA

May 11, 2009

Missing my Baby

I don't know why. Probably it is because it was Mothers Day yesterday. I am missing my babies who are so away from us. Edrica in the the US and Jimboy in Dubai. Edrica was recently awarded as Most Outstanding Nurse in the Oncology Dept. I made a page for her using Xena's Country Kit. Thank you Xena for this awesome kit. I am so sorry for not giving credit to the designer of the elements I used for Jimboy but whoever you are, I am really so thankful to you. Maybe you could send me a message so I could edit my blog.

We celebrated Mother's day with my sister-in-laws. Really had fun eating and playing mahjong (a famous chinese game) . I am so excited to see my youngest son who will be coming home from Boracay maybe tomorrow of Wednesday but also a bit worried because I know he is having a bad cough. Her aunt called to tell us that we need to have him checked by a doctor because of his frequent nightmares. I really pray that there is nothing wrong with his pancreas.
Oh God bless him!

Have a great day everyone. God bless!

New Award from Fritzie

Thank you so much Fritzie aka Chingjp for this new award. It made my ears go flapping. LOL. I am o so lucky to have a cyber friend like her who is an excellent designer. I really don't know who to pass this award cuz I'm sure they got this already . I guess I better try some excellent blog digiscrap designers's blogs. This are some of the beautiful sites I have visited and I give them this award.

This award has the following rules and suggestions:

1. Choose blogs or websites that for quality, their affinity or have any reason to establish a link you wish to reinforce and reward with a "forget-me-not" in the post and link writing.

2. Write a post showing the award, citing the name of your blog or website that gives you and notify your elected a comment. If possible the source of the award.

3. Award display in your blog (optional)
Happy Scrapping Everyone

May 10, 2009


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE. I am so happy that none of my children who are all not with us right now, did not forget to greet me this special day. Our yungest John Matz will be home next week from Boracay ( unfortunately he will be coming home with a bad cough).My daughter Crissy called to greet me and I got a call from my son Jimboy in Dubai and he sent me a cash gift. Yipee. Edrica my eldest who is in Maryland sent me a note in my facebook account. Oh she does not have to send me a cash gift. She does already every month. LOL. I miss them so very much. My very special gift is from my husband, a bag of chocolates and a CAR!!! It will be ready by next week. HAHAHA!!

OK now about bookscrapping, LOL, I don' have a freebie today because I've been very busy making scrapbooks for friends and my grandchild using free kits from very good designers. I used a couple of them . The first photo which is me and my mother is from Fritzie aka Chingjp. This is her Thank you Mom Kit ( and the second one( that's Aby, my grand daughter from my niece) is from Jael aka Jaelop called Kit Rustiko ( Just visit their blogs and you'll find these awesome freebies and much much more. I guess I'll do some advertising of freebies for a while. LOL.

Happy Mothers Day everyone. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!