August 12, 2009


Hi! Iknow it has been a long time. ihave been quite busy lately. First my sisters , Nida and Liza, My niece Pia was here for a vacation and to celebrate my 50th birthday ( agh!)last July. Ate Nida stayed for a week while Liza and Pia stayed a weel longer. We had great fun. It has been a year since Isaw them so I was really thrilled with their arrival. We just toured around Dumaguete ( just a small place on one of the Philippine Islands .LOL.

The sample picture is our eldest sister Nida. it was really sad that she had to leave earlier. Time was too short for our bonding. When I was scrapping some our photos, I got inspired to do some wordarts about sisters. This is what I really feel for her and LIza. The other photo is just the three of us taking a dip in the cold natural spring waters of Forrest Camp in Valencia. We just stayed in the water to take pictures. It was super cold.

I am sure these wordarts will be very useful for your scraps so I hope you like them. Gotta go now. I having allergies and slight colds. I think it was the smell of cut grass. I had my bermuda grass cut yesterday.