November 5, 2010


Well, the contest is finished. Too bad I did not make it. As the saying goes" Better luck next time" LOL. Thank you for the challenge and for the fun.  I really learned a lot. But on the positive side, Mozz made it! Hurrah.  She's a very nice lady I met at CSD. Too bad we can't celebrate her success for real.  HAHAHA.  We twice had the same idea for a layout. "Great minds think alike" Yes Mozz, we are great! HAHA. Well, i'll be around CSD, thanks a lot for having an open gallery, I can still post my layouts there. LOL. As for the challenge, well, I wish I could join more often but my kits are so limited.. Just joined Karen's Blindlift Challenge and I truly enjoyed it.  Here are the layouts I created for ROUND 2. The kit is from PASKO called A FRIENDLY MOOD
AND HERE ARE MY LAYOUTS:  We need to have a big empty space for a layout. Never did this before and I am starting to like it. Will try to make another one with another kit next time
And here's one page of Iya that I love. I love my  blending. LOL
And of course our little new grandson needs to have a page.  There are rules in making the layouts. I just don't have time to elaborate them.
And here is the last round. A very nice fantasy kit from PACI called FANTASTIC LAND. The moment I saw the kit I knew I had to make a scene.  Took me almost a day to finish this layout. The idea keeps on coming and changing and changing. LOL. This is one special kit for Iya . I thought I made my winning piece.
And here it is:
This is not the original actually. I made another page with 3 papers blended. I did not post this because it might not be considered as a scraplift.  A friend  from digiland told me that scraplifting is doing a layout that is not exactly the same as the model layout shown but rather getting the main idea from that model so I did this
I just love it. LOL! Love the bear too. HAHAHA.
And my last layout is a romantic layout. When I thought of romantic pictures, my daughter Edrica's prenuptial photos always come into mind and so I did this page.  One of my favorites too.
Thank you CSD for the contest. Thank you to the designers for giving us their beautiful kits. Thanks for the learning and the experience It was my first time to join a CT contest and I never thought that scrapping can also give some pressure on you. LOL. Most of all thanks for the wonderful comments of the designers and contestants on my artworks. Thanks to Addie and Karen  for being so accommodating and patient with my questions. ( I guess I did ask too much) HAHA. Thanks Mozz . You are really a very  nice person. I'll try to check and give comments on your masterpieces at CSD as time permits. God bless you all