October 21, 2008


Hi everyone! I have a maid! Although i am so happy about it, I am still a bit disappointed because she not that good with household work. She does not know how to cook too. Ugh! Well, at least I have somebody to clean my garden. That's the most important. I can't bend too much anymore. Weeds are coming out of my bermuda because of the rains, my euphorbias have to be resoiled., some plants have to be trimmed , the bermuda has to be cut too. Oh boy!

Well,after washing a few clothes ( I need to sweat to lower my sugar) , I enjoyed playing with my adobe , my plugins and brushes and I came out with these jewels. I hope you'll find them useful. I really had fun doing them. The other photo is a layout I made for my angel group in scrapbookflair.
Here is the link: