February 11, 2009


Finally, I was able to take a little time to do some simple designs for everybody. I love scrapping my new and only grand daughter Iya (who happens to look like her Aunt Edrie)so I have to make something for babies. Hahaha. Some of the elements are cliparts that I found and cut them and the rest are all done by yours truly with the help of adobe,some plugins and free styles that I downloaded.

Love is in the air but I don't know why I can't get ideas for a Valentine freeebie. I decided to download from freebies from other designers. hahaha. Honestly, I have not done a Valentine page for anybody yet. I am only so inspired to scrap Iya . and download other freebies. hihii.In fact, I* feel so so sad because my daughter and her husband decided to leave for Cebu ( an island from us) with Iya next month. I don't know what I would feel when that time comes. Huhuhu. I just hope Ian (son in law) would allow Iya to come back by May until she finishes all her immunitations. I don't think her mom can stand her tantrums everytime she gets immunize. OH OH I wish you could help me encourage him. Haha.
Well, here's is my freebie that I cut into two parts. Here is

Have Fun Everyone and God bless you all!!
P.S. The baby in the photo is my sweet grand daughter Iya Marie! Isn't she so adorable?