May 21, 2009

Fun with Quickpages

My car is here. I practiced driving it yesterday. I thought I destroyed something cuz when I restarted it, it did not start. Tried and tried it but no good. The mechanic tried to fix it for 3 hours only to discover that I a wire connection near the accelarator was detached. Maybe I accidentally kicked it or something. LOL
It's raining again after a day of sunshine. I am still lazy to go out so I've been here in front of my computer for quite some time already.. Updating my blog is my last mission. LOL. Did a lot of new pages already but mostly for my grand daughter Iya.

I had a great fun making these quickpages for Angel Scrapbook Freebie Forum. I just discovered their site this morning and truly enjoyed chatting with Barbie (the site Administrator) She's very nice. Thanks for chatting with me Barbie. I saw that she started the May Contest and I joined immediately. These are the Quickpages I made for the group. I downloaded all the elements at Angel Scrapbook called Z Summer . The size of the QPs is 800x800 px with 150 resolution.Here are the links:
That links are of the same order as the photos. Hope you like them all though. They free again so a word of thanks will be very much appreciated. Great day to everyone. Hugs !!