April 26, 2010

For my Mother

Home alone! Crissy and Iya are back in Cebu. My maid left last Friday and Dad's back to work. All alone during weekdays but my son John Matz will be home by Sunday. So excited to see him. He has been in Manila since January. got no maid so this will be very fast. my kit is not finished yet.  Well, not satisfied is the truth. No headlines in my life except that my husband turned 62 last April 13. No celebrations but a whole lechon arrived. MY MY MY! and it is just me, dad and Crissy and Iya.  We gave some to the relatives , cooked paksiw na lechon, and stored some in the fridge. I think i still got some in there. LOL
OOOH ! I really had great fun with Iya even if I had backache and armaches.  I wished she stayed a little longer. I 've got tons of pictures of her again and I really don't know which one to do first.  Just look at my Facebook Photos to see a lot of her.

 Well, Mother's Day is coming ( that's mean MY DAY )LOL so I decided to just do some wordarts in the meantime. I am trying to learn Adobe Illustrator but I never thought it would be so complicated. My friend Allyn said that it would be a lot easier if I have a wacom tablet but ... uh oh... too expensive . Hope you like these wordarts and would find it useful in your scrapbooks. Have fun and Advance Happy Mother's Day to all of us mothers. God bless you all! Give some love please!
Download Here

April 18, 2010

A Freebie as Promised

Finally I was able to upload my Qp in 4shared.  I don't know why it's so difficult to upload there now. I am actually making a kit but I am not satisfied with it yet  so please settle for a QP for a while. Hehehe.

I am quite sad today. Iya and her mom are leaving tomorrow night.  We will terribly miss them again.  Too bad I can't convince my daughter to have her next baby here again. I don't know if I can stay long in Cebu to take care of her and her new baby.  I really wish I could but I can't leave her dad so long. He needs a driver. Hahahah!
Well, I just wish dad and I will have the time to visit them in Cebu.  Hopefully after the elections. Hope his boss Tata Villanueva wins the congressional seat , Karen (the daughter) wins as Mayor in Bais City. And Woodrow Maquiling as Mayor of Dumaguete City.  They are all deserving of the positions not because they are our friends but they are really good and honest people. We really need that in our country.
Okay, I am quite in a hurry because we are taking Iya out to the mall again.  Oh dear oh dear I will really miss her. Will talk more soon. HAHAHAHA! Happy scrapping friends!
 Download it here

April 15, 2010

Thank you Maryanne Talmadge

M FB and SBF friend Maryanne Talmadge (Mat for short) is so super sweet to use some elements of my latest kit in some of her scrapbooks.  She is making an alphabet bragbook for her nieces and these are Ruby's part. She's also using wordarts by Linda's. ( I love that site too) . it really feels great when you see your works being appreciated by others.  Thank you again. You pages means a lot to me. Freebie coming soon! Hehehe. have a great day!

April 11, 2010

Good Morning

I woke up at 5:30 am and i am not feeling well. I have a clogged nose and a slight headache. Since everybody's still asleep, I might as well take advantage of blogging.LOL The weather here is terribly hot and I wish I could stay the whole day in an air conditioned room. Well, I guess that how I got the cold; going in and out of an air condition room. Well, I am still having a grand time with Iya and I hope their trip back home gets postponed. Huhuhu. They will be leaving on April 18. Oh poor Iya. When she gets home, she won't have any playmate anymore. It would just be her Mom,her Nanny and maid.Although not too long she will have a sibling. They are hoping it will be a baby boy but honestly, I still want it to be a baby girl. HAHAHAHA!

Well, I have another freebie. If you want to change the color, simply use the HUE/SATURATION tool in Adobe photoshop. Please leave some love when you download it. Remember you are getting it for free. And please don't pirate my works. I worked hard for them.BTW, if you ever use any of my freebies, please send me a copy of your work so I can feature it here in my blog. My email ad is dodiegonzales@yahoo.com
Well, here it is . HAVE FUN! here is the link:
Get it HERE

April 3, 2010


This will be a little bit short. Iya will be waking up in a minute. Oh girl, I hope I lost a few ppounds watching over her. She's so hyper!! We just have lunch at Jo's Chicken inato in Sibulan. It along the beach so Iya had the chance to walk on the side. She got afraid of the waves so we did not stay long. She had fun riding on the animal statues though. It was hot so after lunch we proceeded to Robinson's mall and had some cool fruit slushes. Oh dear you should see Iya dance everytime she passes the area with loud speakers playing some dance music .Then home we go, After a few minutes Iya's slept. I know she will be waking up soon.

Tomorrow's Easter here in the Philippines. Happy Easter Everybody. May God bless us all. I have another free QP for you. It is not themed Easter but I know you will love it. Got this adobe plugin that creases paper so i want to share with what I did after playing with it. LOL. Have fun Scrappers! Hugs to you all.
Here is the link:
Get it HERE