April 24, 2009

Post Happy Easter!

Guess I did not have the chance to greet you a Happy Easter. Better late than never though. My husband and I had our Easter Holiday in Cebu with our grand daughter Iya. She has grown so much and looking more like her mom. Sooo Cute. She's also as smart as her Tita Edrie. hehehe. Well, we did a lot of malling, eating and a little shopping of course. I guess my husband did more shopping than I. I could say that he has a new wardrobe. hahaha. It was his birthday last April 13 anyway. I think he wants to look better and younger now that he is 61. Hahaha. I'm turning 50 very soon and I still want to look younger myself. hahaha

I am making a kit right now and I will be posting it soon. My computer was infected by a virus and I had to send it to the shop. I had no computer for 4 days . I had nothing to do that time so I started making a traditional scrapbook for Iya. I love digitalbookscrapping better though the traditional one is more challenging. I did a lot of heavy cleaning, rearranging etc while my computer was on repair and now I am still recovering from a high blood pressure . Huhuhu. I just got my computer yesterday so I'll try to finish my new kit today.

So happy to be back. Home Sweet Home. I think i'm happier now that I have my computer back. HAHAHA! Will be back!
BTW I used Jaelop's paper for Iya and my picture. Just did a little colorization with a couple of them. Thanks Jael!