March 19, 2011


I made this page for the Digidesignresort Sunset Challenge (Color Challenge) by Janet B. The challenge allowed us to make our own and this is my chance to play around with Adobe so I made simple papers and elements that would match the color palette she gave us.  It was really fun. In fact they also have a lot of fun challenges there.  I could have done more but due to time constraint I can only give you this. The elements are included in the pack plus a Quick Page exactly as my layout. I hope you will find it useful too. You can get  my FREEBIE HERE
That's Iya and her brother Aiden.  They look so so sweet together.  Iya loves her brother very much and she even spends time watching over him.  I wonder if that would still be the case once Aiden  is lot bigger and knows how to grab her things already. HAHAHA I miss them so much.  We were supposed to visit them last last Thursday but the weather has been bad lately.  Due to strong winds and big waves( because we had to take a boat to go to their place) we had to postpone our trip.  My husband and I are  hoping for a longer bonding moment with them during the Holy Week. Got to go .  I need to make  more CT layouts. Hopefully, I will be able to do this again or make a freebie out of some designer's kits. I am still planning to change by blog design until now.  My blog is so old already. Hihi. Need more time!!! Bye for now!