November 7, 2008

Just a Simple Hello

Just what the title says, HELLO! I have no freebie today. I was busy making a Thank you Page for my SBF Friends yesterday. I have 534 friends to give thanks to. June (aka Ferro) suggested I just make a page for my friends to see instead of copy/paste message to 534. Wow! Can't do that! LOL. I receive lots of beautiful , inspiring comments from I guess most of them that they truly deserve a beautiful page. I made everything with adobe CS2 and its plugins.

Today, I was busy browsing on some amazing scrapbooks of my SBF Friends, giving comments as much as I could. I was also voting to some scraps in the challenges. I wanted to join the Top Ten and Glitter Challenges but when I saw their scrapbooks, my mind can't find any more new ideas. Hihihi! I voted to all the scrapbooks in both challenges. They are all so amazingly beautiful! I wish I am a real designer so i can't run out of ideas. Good luck to all of you. Your works are all so beautiful! . If I am the owner of the challenges, I think I will have a very tough decision making in giving the COC (Challenge Owner's Choice) Award. Have a beautiful day, everyone!


I dont have a freebie today but I have a tutorial on how I did this photo. It is probably one of my favorites. Here it goes. I am using Adobe CS2 but it can still be done using lower versions.

1. Open your favorite photo. Make sure the photo is clear. Adjust levels, brightness and contrast first.

2. Duplicate layer twice.

3. Desaturate both duplicates. ( shortcut key is shift+ctrl+U) or go to Image--Adjustment--

Desaturate. Click on top layer, Go to Image--adjustments--Invert.

4. Change Blending Mode of the top layer to "Color Dodge".

5. Still on the top layer: Go to Filters--Blur---Gaussian Blur. Use the slider will you like what you see.

6. To color your sketch: Make a new layer on top. Fill it with the color you like for the

sketch then change the blending mode of that layer to "Color".

7. To combine all your layers, simply Ctrl+Alt+E.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!