May 28, 2009


Remember I was giving credit to somebody named Barbie in Angelsbookscrapping? I went back to the site to check it . I found out the she was busted for piracy. Uh oh I hope she did not get the QP's i made for the site. Well, I guess she not the only one. I see some designers who are using other designs. The only difference is they change the color or texture. I wonder if that's okay?LOL. Too bad. It could have a been a wonderful and successful bookscrapping site. Honestly I downloaded a couple of freebies from her. I am sorry if I won't be able to give credit to the real designers if ever I post my page in here or any other bookscrapping site. They are so beautiful that I don't think I could not resist not using them. I will be making my own freebies soon again.

This is a page i made using Dreams by Mira's Designs but I got them from Thank you so much for this beautiful kit.
Great day everyone!