April 11, 2010

Good Morning

I woke up at 5:30 am and i am not feeling well. I have a clogged nose and a slight headache. Since everybody's still asleep, I might as well take advantage of blogging.LOL The weather here is terribly hot and I wish I could stay the whole day in an air conditioned room. Well, I guess that how I got the cold; going in and out of an air condition room. Well, I am still having a grand time with Iya and I hope their trip back home gets postponed. Huhuhu. They will be leaving on April 18. Oh poor Iya. When she gets home, she won't have any playmate anymore. It would just be her Mom,her Nanny and maid.Although not too long she will have a sibling. They are hoping it will be a baby boy but honestly, I still want it to be a baby girl. HAHAHAHA!

Well, I have another freebie. If you want to change the color, simply use the HUE/SATURATION tool in Adobe photoshop. Please leave some love when you download it. Remember you are getting it for free. And please don't pirate my works. I worked hard for them.BTW, if you ever use any of my freebies, please send me a copy of your work so I can feature it here in my blog. My email ad is dodiegonzales@yahoo.com
Well, here it is . HAVE FUN! here is the link:
Get it HERE