June 30, 2009

First CU Freebie

It is a lovely day today. I have been very busy with my grand daughter Iya who is on vacation with us. Unfortunately, she's going back to Cebu by Friday. Dad and I will bring her to Cebu because her mom and dad can't come over to pick her up. Well, at least i will be with Iya for another 2 days. hehe. I am so happy too that we were able to talk to Edrie and Jimboy on the phone . I miss them so very much. I wonder when we will all be together again. Well, i hope next year.

I made a freebie for the new forum in which I joined. It is called CU Freebies Forum made by Lady Shannon . I wanted to post this there too but I still don't know how to go about with the site. hehehe. I guess I am poor when it comes to instructions. LOL. I better get help from Shannon.

Actually, I just played around with my adobe plugin called SuperBladePro. It is fantastic . The best thing about this plugin is there are tons of freebie effects that you can get in the net. Hmmmm, I think they should pay me for advertising.Hihihi .Anyway, I hope you like it . Please read my TOU before using this freebie. I always forget putting my TOU on my freebies. I hope my designs were not stolen. Please give me a little credit for using my designs. Well, here is my freebie for you :
Great Day to all of you. God bless you all!