February 17, 2011


COOLSCRAPSDIGITAL is having a Quick Page Contest. WOW and there are so many contestants. I think about 60 or more.   Got inspired last night so I decided to make mine immediately after knowing the rules.  Thank goodness I did not have to download because I got the kit already.  I think this is the best part of the contest. You get the kit for free! hihi.  Who would not want to work on Azur Scrap's Loving You kit. I have worked on this beautiful kit and also made a QP before and loved it a lot. Just look at the preview:

I decided to post mine immediately after making it. I was scared that I might change my mind and make more changes and never stop changing. HAHAHA. I did this QP for about 2 hours. There were so many elements I wanted to use. hihi. If I did  that on paper, I think my waste basket would be so full. LOL.I was so thankful that using a custom shape tool was okay. I used a free custom shape tool from Scrapping Cop to cut a paper for my borders. It was really fun doing this.  Thanks to CSD for such a great contest. Getting the kit for free is a wonderful prize already. If you want to know more about the contest and download all the beautiful quick pages  ,  just visit the CSD FORUM and look for the QP contest thread.  You might also be interested in joining the FUN challenges there.  Have you read everything? LOL. Now,  you can get my QP Freebie HERE. HAHAHA. Hope you leave a little thank you if you download . Happy Scrapping everybody. God bless you all.