December 5, 2010


MY MY Finally all special occasions are finished.  After the wedding, which i forgot to blog about, Iya's 2nd birthday party is over.  Barney and Pooh Mascots were her special treat from us.  We gave her a doll house and we are so glad she liked it.  The party started at 4pm till 7 pm but the party lasted till 2am.  My other children's guests stayed around for a little drinking and karaoke session. Iya slept after eating . Everybody was enjoying and she was left in the room. I did not know that her mom and dad left to bring home a friend. WHen her mom arrived, she discovered that Iya fell from her bed and she has been probably crying for while.  She vomited all over the floor. We panicked , cleaned and comforted her.  In a few minutes,  she was dancing already. She stayed awake until all guests left home.  Her energy was unbelievable.

As I have said before, our family was complete after 4 years .  I have very little time to scrap this past two weeks . My blood pressure is on and off lately probably due to stress and staying up late too much. Right now my head feels empty after drinking 2 ponstan 500 for my splitting headaches.  Despite of all the stress, headaches, and high blood pressure, I am really so happy to see my family all together after 4 years. 
To celebrate their arrival, we bought a lechon ( one whole roast pig) Invited some of their close friends and welcome them.

Now, back to scrapping!!! JK Creations has another new product release! It is called DARK AND CHIC. As Marie describes her kit, Dark +  Chic= Glamorous . Here are the previews of it elements, papers and alpha
And here are my LAYOUTS

The photo of my first layout is one of the prenuptial photos of our son and his wife. Until now I am still waiting for my wedding photos from the photographer.  I wonder why it's taking him too long to give me the raw copies.And the second layout is my whole family. This will be a very rare and precious page for us. Thanks to the elegance of  Marie's Dark and Chic . We were all in our house clothes but it looked elegant with her kit. hihi. Here are the links for this beautiful kit: