July 15, 2009

Thanks Jaelop for your Summer Vacation Kit


This is a page I also entered in the Animation Challenge in SBF. I truly enjoyed doing this page though making it gave me a little headache. Hahaha. Maybe because of the waves. lol.

Anyway, I want to thank Jaelop for this wonderful kit. You can visit her beautiful blog here:
http://jaelop.blogspot.com/ . She has so many beautiful kits you will surely love. She's one of my wonderful friends in SBF too. Enjoy the kit. I was not able to included the other elements but the kit has a lot and papers as well. Enjoy scrapping!!

July 14, 2009

Iya's Pink Room

There's is an upcoming challenge in Scrapbookflair called Create a Child's room or Nursery. I wanted to create my own room for Iya and when I finished it, i decided to make it as a quickpage. I am sorry i could not put the elements I used in the sample photo. I ws not able to ask permission from the designers. Anyway, I am putting the name of their blogs as credit to them. I hope I did not miss any. It took me about 4 days to decorate it .LOL Phew. I really enjoyed doing it though . I hope you like the QP just used the magic of hue/saturation adjustment layer on photoshop to change the color of the room. I had a hard time with the curtain so I am so sorry if it isn't perfect.

BTW, do you see my new animation award on my sidebar. That's from Xena! She made it for me. Sooooo cute! Thank you my dear friend! You are one of the sweetest I have.

Well, the link to my new freebie is:

Please! I will apprciate it very much if you leave a little love when you download it. God bless all of you.

For the credits: Thanks to:

RebeccaPSP Designs for the crown and telephone
Designs by Sarah for the lampshade
Tulip Time by Sarah for the view outside
Aussie Scrap Design for the chair
Kit Pure Love by Minette143 for the bear and the dog
Commercial Candy for the elephant on the cabinet
Juicy Scraps for the strawberry shortcakes
Moniscrap for the giraffe,lion and elephant toy

The picture on the wall is a framed photo of my grand daughter Iya. I entered that page on a challenge called Thinking Pink. I don't think I will win though. huhuhuhu again. Hahaha. I also made the books but I did not like them so I did not include them in the QP.
Oooops. Now I am so sorry. I could not find the designer for the rabbit , clothes and gift. I will look for them and update the credits. i promise. Hehehe.

Thanks to all of you for having such wonderful freebies in your blogs. God bless and more power!

July 12, 2009

This is my grandson Popo.He recentlyhad a basketball tournament of his guest's fathers last June. When I visited Xena's Blog http://maidenxenaprincesswarrior.blogspot.com/ , I saw this cute basketball Quick Page which is so perfect for Popo. I also entered this animation in an Animation Challenge at Scrapbookflair . Isn't it cool.

Xena's fantastic animation pages ( and also freebies of course) inspired me to learn animation. I could not beat her yet though. HAHAHAHA! Check out her blog , I am sure you will enjoy her blog. Her music, animations and designs are superb! Thanks Xena for these QP.

July 10, 2009


As promised last night, I will posting my freebies. I really don't know what to call my kit so I called "Whatever" .Hahaha! . Lady Shannon one time reminded me to put a TOU in my freebies so my designs will not be pirated. No wonder I saw some of my freebies included in some designer kits. I saw my Zodiac freebies somewhere. I forgot whose blog but anyway, it was a freebie too. I hope next time I will receive a credit. I worked hard for my freebies, remember. Thank you Lady Shannon for the reminder.
I actuallyhave two freebies for you. I was just so inspired to make a wordart to describe my grand daughter Iya and I am sharing them with. Hope you like them. Anywa, enjoy the freebies. The links are:

BTW, there are borders included in the kit. I was not able to show them all in the preview. Hope you like them all. Happy Scrapping!

July 9, 2009

Thank you Faigee and Allyn

Hi everyone! It's been a long time. Well, I am just too busy making scrapbooks for my grand daughter Iya and also joining challenges in Scrapbookflair. I have been winning lately. Thanks for my very dear friends in SBF. You are all so wonderful!!

Well, speaking of friends, Faigee gave me Lemonade Award. Thank you so much Faigee. I remember Chingjp (Fritzie ) gave me this award already but I still accepted it because I want to pass it on to other great blogs I have discovered. So this award goes to:
All you have to do is copy the award, post it in your blog and pass it on to other blogs you like.
Allyn aka dyozah@_@, my super fantastic friend in SBF made the caricature of me. She entered that page in the Caricature of Friend challenge in SBF. Well, it did not win.Huhu!Haha! Don't worryAllyn, it is a winner for me. Haha! Thank you so very much for this wonderful page. It is the most unique birthday greeting I have so far received. HIHI.TYTYTYTY!
Well, my husband is out of town with the Mayor. I would love to stay in the computer for a longer time but iI guess my eyes are waving the white flag already. Hahaha. I have to go now. Got to read more mails before I jump to bed. Thanks again Faigee and Allyn! Good night and God bless you all!
P.S. I will be posting my freebies by tomorrow!