March 24, 2010


Oh dear! My last blog update was October 2009! I don't know if I still have to greet you a Happy New Year.LOL. At an any rate, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gosh, I can't remember what happened after October 2009. We had a lovely Christmas with my hubby, John, Crissy, Ian and our adorable Iya of course. She turned 1 last December 4; held her party at Shakey's in Cebu with a Tinkerbelle theme. Thanks to my sister Nida who provided the costume, some giveaways and the Tinkerbelle poster. As usual, we missed (as always) Edrica and Jimboy during the holidays. OUr New Year celebration was not that fun because Crissy and her family left after Christmas so it was only me, dad and John. Since we did not have fireworks at that time, my son and I had a great time popping our fireworks in Farmville (a facebook game) turning on the computer's speaker at full volume. HAHAHA.

2010? well, so far so good. I miss my son John though because he is in Manila with my sister and her family. I visited him recently and I had a very relaxing 3 week vacation ( although I got sick for a week) . I was so happy to see my own family. i miss them so much and even more now that I back home. I was so sad for my brother because he was in the hospital when I left Manila but I'm glad he has recovered from high blood pressure and very low potassium. Thank God it was not a heart attack. I was soooooooo happy to be home with my husband and when I arrived there was a board posted by our entrance door welcoming me. Hahaha. He was super sweet to do that. I am home and back to my routine. The usual homemaker duties , Facebook games, and scrapping. I have not started with painting ( my sister introduced me to it) even though I don't know how to draw. I am still waiting for my son to come home and do the sketching for me. Hahaha. I am excited to paint and not to draw.Hihihi. I also bought a 1000pc puzzle and it is still sealed in a box. I'll probably start doing all these new stuff when my son arrives. I am pretty sure I will have less time in the computer when he gets back. We are both Facebook gamers. Hihi

OK. Of course when I update my blog, I have to give a freebie as a thank you gift for dropping by. I wish I have more time doing kits but Quickpages are easier and faster to do so I am giving away a couple of them plus some ribbons ( hope they will be useful) . I really had a lot fun doing them. Please give a little love if you download them. Thanks for visiting and God bless you all!

OOOOOOOPs!!! I made a mistake on the green Quickpage. I am putting another link for it. I am so sorry. HERE IT IS:

P.S. I would like to thank Random Thoughts by Linda for the wordart I used in my sample scrapbook page.