October 24, 2009


Hi everybody. Long time no hear from me. Hehehe. Well, I 've got a few reasons for not updating my blog. One, I guess I ran out of ideas especially when I see more beautiful freebies on other blogs. I ask myself why make freebies when there are tons out there. Pirates will get them anyway. Grrrrrrrrr! Next is I want to go back learning more photo effects in photoshop. Hmmmm. do you think it is OK to share other people's tutorials here? Well, I guess I better be safe. I probably just take note of their links which I NORMALLY forget to do. Hihi. Well, the real main reason for not blogging right now is FACEBOOK! I got so hooked up with their games. Farmtown, Farmville, Lil Farm, Fish World, Yoville, and Cafe World. Well, I am almost done with a couple of farms and retire playing them. hehe. No regrets. I gained more friends anyway. And a lot of my SBF friends are there too . I am sure some of them are not posting new scrapbook pages in SBF lately like myself because of these games too. Hahahaha!

Well, I can't stop without leaving you guys something. So here's a little freebie for you. I know they are simple but I still hopeyou like them. Please give a little love when you get them.

BTW I would like to thank Gunhild for the string frame I used in one of this freebie. I hope she likes what I did with it. Here's the link;


Will be back soon. I 'll go and harvest for a while Hani's farm. LOL MWAH!