March 1, 2009

Spring Blog Train

The Spring Blog Train hosted by Tulip Designs at has started. I am so happy to be included in the Train because this is my first. Browse down further to view my contribution. These the other designers who contributed also. (you are here)

Have Fun!

My Lemonade Award

I got another award from Connie ( She's got some lovely free stuffs there too. I really don't nkow what this award is for but I think it is because I am COOOOOL! Hahaha. Just kidding. Anyway, thank you Connie for thinking of me. i think most of the friends I know have this award so I guess i can nonimate only 1 filipina SBF member named Joy. I give you this award deary for being so nice to me:

Just copy and paste the award in your blog and say where you got it from and nominate other friends of yours . That's it.

I used my Spring Kit freebie in the other photo. As usual, my present favorite model is my first and only grandchild Iya Marie. Too bad she and her mother will be leaving us to join her father in Cebu who is working there on March 6 . HUHUHU! Though just an island away, I don't know what I would feel not seeing her ,playing with her, bathing her, hugging her every morning. OMG! I think I will be devastated. Well, as what my husband keeps ttelling me, "Learn how to let go" . I tell you, it is really hard. All my children are still babies too me. and Iya is such a joyand she really took away my boredom. I will be missing her so.
Anyway,back to something bright, I hope you liked my Spring kit freebie. When I was doing Iya's page, I started to like it more. Hihihi. God bless everyone.