March 24, 2009

Another Wordart

I've been busy in my computer since this morning hoping one of my children get online. Too bad, no one made a buzz. Hu hu hu. Anyway, after a heavy gardening this morning, I just could not get away from the computer. I did a lot of editing for my nephew JR who made a visit from Bacolod. He brought some pics of his first baby girl Yza and ask me to edit some for him. I got also inspired to do some wordart because again, I was to lazy to look for one that would find Yza's page. BTW Yza was born just two weeks earlier than my granda daughter Iya.
My husband and I are going out for dinner tonight. He knows that I have been rearranging and repotting my plants for more than a week already so he wants me to take a break from cooking dinner tonight. Yipee!
Here is my freebie for you. I don't know why I focused on "happiness" when in fact I am so disappointed that I have not heard from my son and daughter who are out of the country. Well, I guess it's because it a word we always want to have.
P.S. If you have to change the color and if you are using adobe, just use the hue/Saturation adjustments and play with the sliders.

Here's the link: