June 15, 2011


Here are four lovely SUMMER TEMPLATES from Cocotounette. They are sized 3600 x 3600 or 12 by 12in templates in PSD file.  They are available now at COOLSCRAPSDIGITAL AND SO SWEET SCRAPS. Cocotounette has also a shop at  SCRAP WITH FRIENDS AND SCRAP C MOMENTS.

And here are my layouts using these great layouts. 
 I know I posted this layout already.  I used Machabine's Cocooning (also available at Coolscrapsdigital). I want to show it again for Cocotounette's Summer template. Plus, I love this layout very much too. hihi

And here is a layout I made for my very sweet friend Nancy.  Nancy is the grandmother of one of my favorite models, Ellie.  That's her daughter with her.  Funny about these photos is that, there was no wedding.  The place is just so beautiful that they decided to make a photo shoot with her daughter wearing a wedding gown. LOL.  Great idea.  It is really beautiful and they both look so stunning. I used the wordart in one of my pages with my daughter too.  I love it a lot so I decided to share it with you. Please, and again, leave a little love for inspiration.  Sorry about the preview but the wordart is actually a  horizontally straight. grrr. I was just too in a hurry to share it with.
Hmmm, not so clear huh. But this is how it goes
We laugh, we cry, we make time fly;
Best friends we are, my Mom and I

My husband and I have a wedding to attend to in about 2 hours. Gosh, I even forgot what day is today.  I knew we are going to wedding but I did not know it was today until he arrived and ask " Why are you not dress yet?" HAHAHA.  I am blogging while i'm drying my hair and my new manicured nails( did it in 30 minutes) LOL.

For added information.  Cocotounette is having a special promo for the whole month of June at Coolscrapsdigital. Check this out: